Mandate of Heaven ep 6 Thoughts

Sorry I’m skipping ep 5 but I remembered of doing this post on the second part of ep 6,lol so sorry but will try to do it maybe later on.


– Ep 6 is intense! Now that red demon think the doctor and the nurse are lovers he’s not believing her =(

– I’m so loving the fight scene! omg can we have a repeat of this in the future? It was so freaking sexy!,lol I think if I was korean and lived during those times I would have married a warrior, general or someone with mean fighting/sword skills if i had the option to choose of course,lol

MOH 6-1

– Wished i could just show a video of the scene but I don’t think anyone is gonna have it,lol

– Am I wrong? is there gonna be a love triangle between the doctor, the nurse and red devil? >< I seriously need to learn the names!

– How long is this drama anyway?

– Another kind of scene I hate, giving birth scenes yes it may be something wonderful but just like the underwater scenes I feel the urge to push along side the mother to be,lol

– Never would I have described the birth of a boy this way,lol

MOH 6-2

– I will never see chili pepper the same way after this,jaja

 I wish the chemistry between ji hyo and lee dong wook was better if they only grew more close as friends in real life or something so this future love line would make more sense. All I feel so far is that they could be friends within the drama, I know it’s supposed to be a thriller of sorts but if you’re gonna add a love line then shouldn’t you at least make some space for romance? Now I’m making love triangles where they don’t exist,lol but I do kinda wanna see something between the nurse and red devil who wouldn’t want a hot young guy with awesome sword skills after them?,lol


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