In Time With You ep 4 Thoughts

Finally ep 4! Almost done with the x-files I started season 6 yesterday and that kiss that it was in an AU episode fueled my obsession,lol Anyways let’s watch ep 4,lol


– Well since none of the links are working for me in dramacrazy I’m gonna have to watch it on dramafever =/

– omg I love her parents teaching him how to date,lol

– so freaking adorable she picks out the food he doesn’t like, damn it I want a friendship like that,lol

– It’s his fault that she can’t see him as more than a friend and even if she did she wouldn’t be able to say anything because right from the start of their friendship he told her that he would never fall in love with her. So if he’s suffering so much then it’s his own fault he should man up and tell her other he will be stuck forever in the friendzone.

ITWY 4-1

– You would really have to trust someone or love em enough to have a conversation with someone while you’re in the bathroom,lol I bet he was thinking why would i go visit you if we’ll be living there together,lol

– omg that boy is soo cute! i just wanna grab him by the cheeks,lol

– omgeee seriously why not just wear a sign that say “I’m on my period” instead, ugh ><

– It’s not naive optimism its planning carefully your next move to get the guy, I dislike her I really do I wish I could skip her parts but since he’s there I can’t =(

 ITWY 4-2 ITWY 4-3

– Yes it’s dangerous so stop it and move on to the next guy and leave him alone ><

– “Because having is the start of losing” omg =( someone just shoot me now it’s too much!

– I want a bag too but all mine has is a wallet, candy, pens, receipts and a small bottle of Tylenol,lol

– Who fights over a man or shoes, there’s plenty of the same shoes and plenty of men as well. If you don’t get the shoes then you’ll end up getting better ones and if you don’t get the man then you’ll find a better man who will choose you and not be going back and forth between you and another woman. No need to lower yourself and fight for a man who may not be worth in the end especially if he’s a cheater just let the other woman have him.

Well we finally start to see some jealousy on her part,wish i could just skip throughout the episodes to get to the part when they finally get together but it wont have the same effect so i’ll just watch it slowly and painfully to enjoy that moment when it comes,lol


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