Boarding this ship till it sinks…or not

Well all have couples that we ship though sometimes temporary*the length of a drama,lol* or sometimes beyond the drama.  So i wanna share my ships well some of em, some that I have followed for years and some that I’ve recently come to discover. I’ma share why I ship em and when I started to ship em(if i could pin point the time,lol)



1) Spartace Couple (Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji hyo)

ace couple 21

It’s nothing new that I ship this couple, in fact you could just see my background and tell that I ship them. I used to be an MC shipper but when it started to feel a little forced it sorta lost its charm. Individually I thought ji hyo and jong kook were pretty good but during the Hong Kong episode when they were both teamed up with yonghwa from CN Blue. I saw the way she naturally stood a little to close to him and from then on I started to take a closer look at them. The reason I ship them is because they are naturally close and even now he’s sorta shy sometimes around her, and they back each other up even when in different teams. He instinctively protects her and she hides behind him, while with the rest of the cast she mostly does the protecting. Together as a team they are unstoppable and their interactions are natural and don’t feel forced, scripted or pushed on me.  Now I’m totally hooked on this ship and even though she does have a boyfriend you never know what the future holds. Regardless of how other shippers feel from both sides I feel as long as she’s happy with whoever she may end up with I am happy too.

*looks best in HD*

2) Lettuce or JoongBo Couple (Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong)

Lettuce 1

This is an old ship I know but I’m still on board and I think i’m still pretty delusional in this one and as the years pass by the chances of this couple ever happening lessen more and more. From the very start of we got married I fell in love with these two though they were awkward both their personalities seemed to really match up pretty well and their competitiveness was the highlight of their relationship. Even now I still have hopes that the pd’s in an effort to revive we got married will bring back this couple for a special or something  along with andy and solbi,lol Till today i’m still on this ship especially every time I rewatch their parts and every time even now i see hwang bo all sexy and stuff I’m thinking hyun joong must be throwing a control remote at the tv right now,lol

just had to put two of em ^^

3) Kim Sun Ah & Lee Dong Wook

kim sun ah, lee dong wook

I’m still new in this ship so I don’t know if they have a nickname or not but I did love their chemistry in SOW and it felt so real that by the end of the drama I wanted to learn how to dance tango. It wasn’t till I came across a tumbler that I started to ship them with their cute interactions, the me2day exchanges and all the bts videos it was enough to make me fall in love with this ship. I even started seeing bits and pieces of my favorite parts of the drama and now once again I feel like learning tango,lol

4) Campus or Woojung Couple ( Eun Jung and Lee Jang Woo)

Woojung 1

I know this couple has recently had it’s downs with the T-ara “scandal” and Jang Woo’s dating “scandal” but regardless of all that I think this couple could have become something. His true self and thoughts came out in this show when he was with her and he wasn’t shy to show what he really thought even when it meant talking about other women. He didn’t act all innocent and shy and sorta went after what he wanted one way or another.  She complemented that fact about him, she was shy and maybe surprised at his advances but she eventually fitted into his personality and obviously enjoyed the attention from it. I loved this couple a lot and I couldn’t wait to see their wedding photo shoot because I felt they were one of the couples that truly deserved to get one. But in the end they were cold heartily thrown out the show and gave the best honeymoon*hawaii* to the 3 new couples that didn’t last long and they even gave teuksora the wedding shoot I felt was for them regardless of how I felt about Leeteuk*lol*. So until one of them gets married I’m staying aboard this ship ❤

Abandoned /Temporary

1) Alshin Couple (Alex Chu and Shin Ae)


ugh my poor little heart hurts when seeing them. This was a couple I shipped like hardcore they seemed to fit into each other perfectly and they were the couple that every woman envied. He was the perfect guy*and still is,lol* and she was perfect as well they matched so well…*sniff sniff*. Anyways in the end she left the show because her dad was ill and then months later she announces her marriage to some guy from here(US or canada im not sure), since her dad wanted to see her get married and he was a good man who she had just started to date they decided to get married.  So of course this broke a bunch of hearts who thought her and alex were a match made in heaven, I almost cried when she announced her marriage,lol Well in the end with a broken heart I wished her happiness and abandoned ship,lol

2) Monday Couple(Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary)

Back in the early days of running man I loved how awkward and cute they both were around each other especially when left alone. Gary’s cheesy one liners just seemed honest and i believed and in a way I still do that he liked ji hyo more than just a cast mate. But as time went by the cheesy lines became cheesier and started to feel less natural and more like just something he had to do for the show. I no longer giggled my ass off when they did mc moments and I started to feel less interested in what they did as a “couple”. I’m not sure what went wrong maybe him going overboard with the cheesy lines, or the writers pushing the MC concept at every chance they could but soon this lovable couple wasn’t so lovable. His actions of the over protective boyfriend seem a bit annoying at times especially when male guest put attention to this lovely lady(they would be blind not to) but when female guest put attention to him she doesn’t even seem to care. So when a couple I ship doesn’t bring me that joy anymore all you have to do is get off the ship and move on.


3) Oh Yoo-Bang(Lee Beom Soo) & Baek Yeo Chi(Jung Ryeo Won)


Omg i just loved these two during this drama the craziness, the cuteness and the jealousies I couldn’t fall for them anymore than I already had. They were perfect in the drama but that was it, only in the drama did I love em I couldn’t get past the drama because I obviously moved onto other dramas which meant other ships,lol But they would be a couple I would go back and rewatch, he was the geeky suave guy and she was the innocent looking cussing girl,lol


4) Choi Hang-Woo(Jung Gyu Woon) & Cha Woo-Hee(Hong Soo Hyun)

hos 3

I shipped both this couples so I’m not sure if to put them together or not,lol but I think i shipped this one a bit more I think. He was a cold ambitious guy who would do anything for money and wealth but as soon as she came on the picture he would throw all that away in front of her. What I loved the most about this couple the most was that he wanted to change because of her and she even though he knew what he was doing still loved him anyways, because she saw something in him that others couldn’t see. That he was a sweet man who had much to give, of course this is just my opinion and may come out of my delusion of this couple,lol Either way I loved them together XD



Well these are some of the ones that are more memorable in a way to me can’t put more cause then this list will be never ending especially with dramas coming out every 3-4 months,lol maybe i’ll do a part 2…maybe,lol


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