Mandate of Heaven ep 3-4 Thoughts

Well i’m finally gonna watch ep 3 i’m taking a break of the x-files not really willingly but i was told I was becoming a harsh critic of the show unlike in the first 2 seasons, so instead here I am oh and i started seeing my girlfriend is a gumiho XD

– Damn poor lee dong wook he’s getting framed for murdering someone and on top of that I think they’re gonna try to frame him for the assassination attempt on the crown prince. I say attempt cause obviously the crown prince is a key character so they can’t kill him off so early into the drama,lol

– omg seriously that hunchbacked guy does he love getting hated?? cause I’m hating him in this drama too plus he gives me the creeps.

– The poor grand prince he is so scared of his own mom that his hand shake when drinking tea with her either that or he’s gonna die.

MOH 3-1 – This show is daebak! he gave the crown prince the poison which wasn’t poisoned because he had already added the antidote before, and when in front of the bad guys he gave the crown prince medicines that would do him bad but secretly his gf would give foods counterattacking it,lol awesome just awesome ^^ MOH 3-2 – I hate torture scenes I take them too seriously kinda like when you hold your breath in underwater scenes,lol

– I’m sorry Lee Dong Wook but it can’t be called a crying scene if there isn’t a single tear in your eyes… –

So much injustice >< is this being filmed here in LA?,lol

– Well his dad died(got killed) the only way out of this that I could see is that he runs away, and i’m guessing this is where the other chick(ma ri from AGD) comes in. She helps her dad escape and he’s gonna take that chance to make a run for it, which is weird cause I thought the plot was he was framed for poisoning the CP not killing his friend…scratch that poisoning the king…wonder if it will actually happen or not.

– OMG i’m already shipping red devil and LDK’s sister XD

*sniff sniff* where are we going?

*sniff sniff* where are we going?

– Omg i’m so sad =(

– She finally found out he’s the one who saved her life! I think there’s a big possibility

I’m going to be seeing ep 4 today too,lol

– NO!!! oppa don’t run away! just wait a little bit and unni is gonna prove your innocence! omg why wont they ever listen to me?! ok I’m watching episode 4,lol

MOH 4-1

– omg yup I officially ship red devil and the sister! they’re so cute I know it’s not your normal romance but I can totally see something happening there, am I the only one?…then i name myself the captain of this ship!,lol

– I know red devil is supposed to be “bad” but I really don’t see him as “bad”, I think he’s just a very serious guy who’s committed to his job. Yes i think I’m falling in love with his character it’s always the second leads*even in a there’s no love triangle,lol* plus he has that bad boy aura,lol

MOH 4-2

those lips… 😉

– This guy looks very familiar but idk from where since I’m watching King 2 Hearts again on tv he looks a lot like one of the bodyguards but I’m not sure.

– OMG did he just slap ji hyo?!!! omg that’s it! this is even worse than the slap on minho in TTBY, im selling one of my kidneys in exchange for a flight to Korea anyone interested?,lol

– Is it me or the episodes really short?? I’m almost done with ep 4,lol


Ugh I really feel like watching ep 5 too but I’m feeling a bit sick…so i’ll watch it later. But either way i can’t wait to watch it this drama is getting good!


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