If you could tell I haven’t written many drama thoughts or other posts often lately because I just kinda slowed down a lot because I have found myself a new addiction. That addiction is called the x-files and it’s of no help that Netflix has all 9 seasons. So just bare with me for…a month more at the rate I’m going of 5 episodes a day I could be done in a month,lol or a little more. I will try to fit in a drama once in a while but you know how it is when you have a new addiction just one episode is not enough and you just have to finish it,lol So I’m basically in the honeymoon stage of my new-found addiction so nothing really able to pull me entirely away from it except my crappy internet connection. But I will try to keep doing the movie reviews and thoughts on Mandate of heaven other than that In Time With You may have to wait.



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