Rich Man Poor Woman Special 2 Thought/rant

I wasn’t going to write thoughts on the specials cause I just wanted to see em like whatever’s but what the fudge!!! Who in the world breaks up with someone during a wedding?! Like for real?!

someone, get me a bottle of soju =/

someone, get me a bottle of soju =/

tsk tsk tsk and this drama had ended for me on such a good note but this special is sorta killing it. But I do understand that at the moment they are not quite ready for a real relationship she was pushing it too much. She knew he was not your normal guy just by seeing his house and with the statement that it took him 6 months to choose 2 pieces of furniture should have been enough. She practically moved in on her first day over at his house without question as to how he lived his live and if it was ok for her to introduce herself into it. It’s like you invite your friend over to your house for the week because her house is getting idk tented and sprayed for termites. And when you come back the next day from work she has started to hang someone of her photos on your wall and bought and changed your bed sheets. If this can cause a rift in a friendship than especially on a relationship that from the very start has been only long distance. I saw it coming though they are too different realistically speaking a relationship like this one wasn’t meant to survive but of course this is a drama so this will somehow work out. Sorry for my rant but posting on FB my thoughts didn’t feel like enough,lol


P.S I still haven’t finished watching it so I may or may not edit this thought.


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