Rich Man Poor Woman Final Thoughts*Edited*

So i’m down to the last two episodes let me get my box of klennex  in case and let’s begin*sniff sniff*

– Omg is it weird in a way i kinda ship the two chefs? from the start they would bicker, sounds like a drama plot to me,lol

– Oguri Shun! sarangahe!…that is all ^^

– For being ambitious and traitorous that what you get asahina, a cold empty solitary  jail cell.

– >< the way he keeps asking what score he got in his performance…? is just so cute! aww so freaking adorable and i’m not being sarcastic,jaja

– “You’re handsome. Of all the situations where I saw you. You’ve never been so handsome.” A little grin in the end of that statement would of been nice mr writer!,lol

RMPW 10-1

-damn! she plans to leave him! ugh doesn’t she know what this will do to him?!!!

– Damn, jails in japan are pretty comfortable looking.

– I’m freaking dying here! he’s so worried he hasn’t seen her and it’s only been one day! and on top of that he’s worried that she might be dead.

RMPW 10-2

– At least he’s doing more than the usual male leads who only call over and over again.

– OMG! “Wasn’t I responding to your feelings?” omg! is he saying what I think he’s saying!! ugh! someone answer me!,lol

– aww! he’s going to go look for her in the countryside!

obviously major fan-girling is going on so please bare with me! onegaishimasu!

– his meeting with him mom is very intense! though in a way I wished he had gone with her and not with asahina’s sister but I think if he had gone with her it she would have made it awkward but asahina’s sister knows he need his space.

– ugh the ending of ep 10 is killing me!!! =( he told you fool! that the person he was looking for now was you! ugh!!

– Damn it! you fool! why did you tell her to go!! this is the time you should grab her and tell her she’s not going anywhere and that she’s gonna marry you and have your kids!,lol ok i think i may have gone a bit overboard.

– Seriously toru why?! why do you feel the need to rebuild what he destroyed, just so he could have something to come back to? I know you worked hard to get that company to where it got to but…why work so hard for him?

– I really don’t see why she can’t be with him? or try to be with him. Does she really see him as something that is out of her reach?

– Well turns out I don’t even know myself how a girl thinks and I’m a girl! maybe I should start looking for inner girly-girl she obviously has to be somewhere,lol or maybe take a how to be a girl 101 class XD

– 14 minutes of the last episode and i don’t think it”s gonna end the way I want it too! damn boy you’re getting drunk and she’s about to leave!

– omg the other guy is soo sneaky!! telling him she was there I bet he even know toru had the photo all along!! ❤


How i’m freaking feeling right now…

and not because of the drama, but because I have 12 minutes left for the final part of the last episode of this drama and my internet connection decided that I’ve had enough drama viewing for today and won’t let me load the freaking video! Internet why don’t you understand that I need this!! I need closure!,lol…

I give up!

I’ll update it when my internet/laptop or the jdrama gods decide that I could watch the last minutes of this drama. Obviously I didn’t save a country in my past life or something…


ok let’s finish this episode! ❤

– aww you gotta love the airport scenes where you are forced to realize that you love someone,lol maybe I should head to the airport in hopes that someone would come and stop me before I leave…but then again no one even noticed when I moved away for a year to NorCal  =(

– Damn i don’t know if I should feel happy or sad he’s letting her go, happy because he realizes her need to become something and move forward but sad because they’re gonna be apart.

RMPW 10-5

– Ugh I swear if they didn’t kiss I was gonna have a white chicks moment,lol but they did! but I was her and he didn’t kiss me omg i would just grab him and plant one on him,jaja

Work it girl!

Work it girl!

– Asahina need to do more than just bow 90 degrees in apology he should go on his knees. He almost destroyed the company and was about to leave all of them out of jobs.

– But oh well everything has to end up nicely in dramaland no such things as hard feelings or distrust after a betrayal.

Well it was a great ending to a great drama that has become my…third favorite Jdrama. It was funny, cute, serious, romantic and everything in between just like the powerpuff girls(sugar, spice and everything nice,lol) ok maybe not entirely like that but it was a good drama. Something I hope to be able to download in the near future,lol after i’m done with Faith XD Now i’m off to see the specials it has two…was i supposed to see em in any order of the drama? or where they shown after? either way I’m still watching them,lol


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