Mandate of Heaven ep 2 Thoughts

I think this fire is gonna be a dream or something or else how is the queen gonna get away with telling the crown prince that he has to die. Well let’s find out in ep 2


– Damn that was a good freaking cliff hanger for ep 1! “Ho-ya you must die. Others reckon I should say that” Damn! But wth! who has time to be talking so calmly when the freaking house is burning down!

– This reminds me of Dong Yi when Concubine Jang drank poison to get the Kings trust and frame the queen, except here she is just doing it to gain the kings and crown prince’s trust.

– Thanks to the little girl I’m slowly starting to ship the main leads…oh gosh i feel like cheating shipper,lol

– Are all concubines major bit***?! Not only that but psychos as well what kind of thing is that to teach a child?

MOH 2-1

– That inspector red devil(?) is really hot!,lol he could inspect me all he wants XD isn’t he from the princess man? he looks familiar.

– Aww this crown prince only wants a friend! omg come here oppa! i’ll give you a hug.

– Omg almost had a heart attack when the prince was gonna drink the poisoned medicine.

MOH 2-2

– Turns out, well it seems because I couldn’t find anything on it that, that bird doesn’t exist. At least not under the name given in the drama I even tried searching it under a different name but nothing…huh. And no i’m not trying to poison someone,lol…or am I? XD

– In the plot it says Ji Hyo is supposed to be in love with him or something something a nurse that loves him something something or something like that,lol But so far I don’t really see any love between this two, it’s kinda starting to feel the same as with ji hyos last last drama Crime Squad where the male lead supposedly had a crooked detective father and brother or something like that but in the end there was no mention of his family at all like if he was an orphan or something. So I’m guessing the love line doesn’t start right off the bat, either way it’s getting there I can tell,lol

MOH 2-3

– Omg poor prince they were slowly killing him with the medicine that was supposedly good and since he wasn’t dying fast enough for them cause of the kings decision to abdicate they wanna kill him in one blow. Damn, this is the reason why I love sageuks so much now all these drama needs to make it better is some war scenes,lol

– Omg that guy with the hump on his back looks like the dad of that one guy in that one drama…May Queen who was like the henchman of the evil guy who was the true dad of main female lead. Oh gosh well you get me right? well I think it’s that guy and since may queen I don’t like that actor even when he turned “good”,lol


Well it seems ep 3 is gonna be even better and it’s obvious he was the doctor that saved her life, but now he’s getting framed for murder, oh boy. Hopefully i’m able to see it completely unlike this episode where it took almost 3 days to watch it ><


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