Mandate of Heaven ep 1 Thoughts

So I’m finally gonna start Mandate of Heaven, wanted to wait till it was halfway so I could marathon it comfortably but I just couldn’t wait any longer,lol


– His daughter is sooo cute!! I loved her in The Princess Man and I think I will love her just as much in this one. It’s kinda hard to hate kids from that age in dramas,lol

– Damn the video is not synced!!

– The introductions of the characters seems a bit rushed right? or is it just me?

– The hanboks so far are pretty but I’m not a big fan of the big hairpin or hairdress or whatever it is.

MOH 1-1

– I prefer binyeos(hair pins?) more,lol

dong yi

– Is it voting time in Korea or something that number thing is annoying =/

– ugh I really wanna know the back story between the male lead and the crown prince. That flashback doesn’t really do anything for me.

– Damn talking that way to the crown prince and he’s still alive?,lol The prince must really feel guilty about something in order to let him talk to him that way.

– Why would you want to bribe someone to your side? There will be no true loyalty there, yes he may be a good*or evil for all I know* man but what’s the point of having him on your side if he’s reluctant. He won’t serve you wholeheartedly or willing to sacrifice himself for you, as soon as he finds something better for him and his daughter he will leave.

–  He over protects his daughter wayy too much, yes she’s sick but if he would let her enjoy going out a bit she wouldn’t run out like that. What’s the point of being healthy if you can’t go outside?

– Aww poor baby! Can I give her a hug? please? =(

MOH 1-2

I’ll be your mommy if you want, as long as Lee Dong Woo is your appa.

– Everyone thinks he’s a fool,lol

MOH 1-3

– I love song ji hyo but girl please work a bit on your facial expressions.

– hold up!! there were such a thing as face masks back then?? writers what are you doing?!



Fudge! telling him straight out that he must die, the queen has balls,lol Anyways this drama looks like it’s gonna be good not quite what I look for in my sageuks but it’s still getting my attention. Looking forward to episode 2.



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