In Time With You ep 3 Thoughts

So i’ma start ep 3 right now and I feel watching and writing at the same time is better, it helps get my thoughts and feels across better XD

ITWY 3-6

If I had a guy like him around me I would definitely date him,lol

– Omg why does she keep calling her older sister over and over again?! so freaking annoying, she’s obviously trying to kiss her rear end*lol* but in the end is coming across as annoying.

– Nic! you can be assistant if you want *wink*,lol

– I’m going to repeat myself again and maybe a few times more in this drama I dislike the male leads new co-worker. She’s those types of girls that act all sweet and innocent but she’s not I can guarantee it.

– Damn hitting his pride by calling him older brother, that’s how she reels them in. Like in kdrama where the girl calls a guy ajhussi instead of oppa.

– I think I’m being a bit biased right now, cause her new assistant may be doing the same but I don’t see it,lol

itwy 3-2

ITWY 3-3

– Even her parents have a great relationship with him, if your mom approves of a guy that says something…right?,lol

– Aww he’s teaching her mom how to use FB, omg the mom is so sneaky,lol

ITWY 3-4

– Girl what more do you need?! the man goes shopping with you with a smile on his face plus he doesn’t even seem affected when you are shopping for your pads.

ITWY 3-5




Damn next episode is gonna be good, her jealousy is starting to show and he brings a hot young date and so does she!,lol From what I can tell she has kinda liked him too but she’s never realized herself, it’s kinda like those romance novels where the two friends are obviously in love with each other that the whole world notices expect them. But in this case he’s known already how he feels about her it’s just a matter of her realizing her feelings and the process of going from friends to lovers. Of course this is me just being delusional,lol but she did say so herself when she was comparing the men in her life. When she came to Da Ren she said she was crazy since he wouldn’t love her anyway so it has to mean something right? =)


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