Movie Review of the Week # 29

Another week so another movie and it almost didn’t happen but by coincidence I watched this one and so here it is,lol This weeks movie review is…


Plot:Jenny (Park Min Ji) and Juno (Kim Hye Song) are two 15-year-olds, whose lives are dramatically changed after spending a night together. After careful deliberation, the two teens decide to keep their baby.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Though teen pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly this movie was very sweet and lighthearted for the most part. It showed the magic of pregnancy in the eyes of teens. Why? Well first of all there was never a moment when they stopped to think what a child meant they just knew they were expecting a baby and that they were gonna be parents and that’s it. Not once did the characters stop and think of how and with what they where gonna raise the baby, or what was gonna happen with school or anything else. Though they came across the problem of telling their parents about the baby it seemed like the leads expected their parents to accept that fact as easily as they had. Though of course the parents were gonna think differently from them but I really disliked that fact of how they seemed to reject their children especially her parents, in fact her dad seems more jealous than upset that she was pregnant because she was expecting the boy he always wanted. The only solution they came out was totally ridiculous for me and they were basically sending away the object of their shame away, anyways…it was a nice sweet movie and a movie I would recommend to watch when you are bored with nothing to watch. It’s not a must watch but it isn’t a waste of time either in my opinion plus the main lead is super cute and just one yr older than me,lol Overall I say watch it you got nothing to lose and my rating for this movie 3.5/5 because the idea that she was pregnant is not believable. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch it,lol

p.s the main lead kinda reminds me of the male lead in the Thai movie a little thing called love, or is it just me?

I watched this on Netflix on YT, couldn’t find a proper trailer sorry =/


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