Comeback May!

and no i don’t mean for May to come back but that its may and it gonna be full of comebacks…maybe I should work on another title. Anyways Hyori is back and so is 2PM!! where’s all my hottest at?!!! nowhere?…lol, anyways let’s see if their comebacks are goo

Let’s start with Hyori and Miss Korea?

Hyori you don’t have to be Miss Korea for me to notice you but…i’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me. I’m lost and confused just like nemo’s dad was when receiving the instructions from the little turtle to get into or out of the EAC or something like that,lol Kinda expected more but there’s still two other mv’s that are gonna come out…right? Final verdict of the song/mv i don’t think it’s something that I may eventually warm up to so i would give it a 3/5.


Now 2PM with Comeback When You Hear This Song

Comeback? Isn’t there supposed to be a space somewhere in that word?  Did someone forget how to translate?,lol ok just kidding. I guess maybe someone messed up on the title cause on the subs it’s spaced out,lol Had to see it twice,lol So my thoughts on the visuals…I’m liking wrath and envy,lol but I think they would be violent/abusive relationships especially with wrath so can I have lust? And the way they are dressed it’s like something that came out from the movie Titanic,lol or somewhere around that time period. I need me some sexy beasts not some wannabe pretty boys I have other kpop groups for that. I’m not saying they are ugly or something but now and then you wanna see your favorite male kpop groups act manly be a manly man with abs to drool for,jaja The choreography is…omg just a big no and that’s all ima say. I’m liking the lyrics though they’re admitting they did wrong and that they’re sorry and hope that the song reaches the girl and for them to forgive em. Though I don’t think I would forgive wrath, you don’t wanna be with a man that’s angry all the time a future with a man like that doesn’t seem very bright to me or with a glutton regardless of how cute he is,lol So my final verdict for this song…I think it’s something i would definitely be listening to often just not the mv,lol so I give it a 4/5, and 4 because of the weird choreography and costumes,lol


3 responses to “Comeback May!

  1. I actually like this new 2pm video, but I like “A.D.T.O.Y” more. I wasn’t really a fan of them at first because the first videos I saw were “Heartbeat” and “I’ll Be Back” and I wasn’t feeling the eye shadow. But after hearing the “Grown” album, I am giving them a second chance.

    • I just wanted them to be more beastly,lol but it was still good and like you I liked A.D.T.O.Y more, it was a very sexy mv and song,lol The videos for Hearbeat and I’ll be Back were eh but I love the songs and like you wasn’t a fan of the whole make up, eye shadow thing. Why can’t they just out without all that excess makeup and try to go for a more manlier look,lol

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