In Time with You ep 2 Thoughts

ITWY 1-1  ITWY 1-2

Watching ep 2 right now

*warning my inner girl can and will pop up at random time, sorry folks in the end I am a girl after all…maybe I should play some xbox or something after this,lol*

– O.M.G like seriously where can I find myself  a hot guy best friend?! Like seriously he even sends her a cake with her secretary, so freaking thoughtful and adorable!

– Is he like stalking her or something? The same college? and the way he keeps talking about destiny…i’m just turning into a puddle of mush *slapping myself and telling myself to man up!*, he likes her already!

– I think this is the first time I see a drama where none of the main leads are rich or something…it’s between characters that you can easily relate to in one way or another.

– I’m loving her memories of how they became friends, he knew everything about her and she just basically didn’t know anything about him despite the fact that they were in the same class for all 3 yrs of high school. I guess it would be like having the same people in your home room for every single class all 4 yrs of high school and not know who is the person that sits in the corner of the class.

– Maybe I should be creeped(?) out by the fact he know everything about her(personality wise)?

– I’m really fighting the urge to say “aww poor oppa!, he got stood up!” curse you kdramas!! now every guy is an oppa in my mind,lol

– Dude if she doesn’t want you then I do!

– Way to mess up a nice gesture,lol

– why are these episodes so short? 45 minutes? that’s not enough,lol

– I’m not liking this new coworker girl, she gonna get in the way of the leads,lol

ITWY 1-3

– If he’s gonna be the second male lead…am I gonna have a hard time?,lol

ITWY 1-4

and they are adding another cutie to the mix?

I’m not sure about the rest of the people who are seeing or watched this drama but I kinda get the feeling like there’s some bad editing going around? It jumps from one place to another without a smooth(?) transition. It’s sorta confusing and in the end you realize your watching next weeks preview when you least know it. Or maybe it’s just where I’m watching it that I’m not getting the full episode? I’m watching on the crazy about drama one(hint hint), tried watching on viki but couldn’t, is there somewhere else where I could watch it. anyways this are my thoughts on ep 2.


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