Kdrama Villains I felt sorry for

As I was going through Donnapie’s tumbler I came across this pic/macro/meme

Though in about 99.8% of kdramas this may be true,lol there were certain characters in some dramas were I didn’t feel exactly this way about them.


1) The queen from the moon that embraces the sun

I actually felt really sorry for her and I never really believed her character as truly evil but more of a bi*** because of her circumstances. She loved the king and wanted him to see her as what she was, his wife his woman but all he did was give her the cold shoulder. He mocked her by telling her she was just a facade that she didn’t love him but just wanted her position as queen. But in my opinion she just wanted to be his wife in a romantic sense even if he wasn’t a king but of course this is just the way I saw things. I actually felt sad when she committed suicide in the end she wanted to die as his majesties woman and be remembered that way. So that everyone would know what he didn’t recognize that she was his wife. Plus her own dad was plotting to get her and king out because they weren’t the puppets he needed or they didn’t do what he wanted. His daughter was never able to produce an heir, an heir he would use as he wanted so since he didn’t get from his daughter what he needed he was gonna replace her with his niece to achieve what he wanted. I rest my case,lol

2) Joo Wal from Arang and the Magistrate

I think all those who saw this drama can agree with me that this guy wasn’t truly evil, ok maybe he did kill people here and there. But he was obviously under the spell of that evil witch and it’s not like he wanted to do it and was some type of psychopath murderer. All he wanted was a family though he chose two of the worst villains of 2012 as his parents. He was blinded by that witch so in my opinion he wasn’t truly evil and I felt sorry for him and in the end he redeemed himself and even became a…those guys in black, to protect her from afar which in my opinion was very romantic,lol




Well that’s all I can think of, I guess these two are the only one’s I felt sorry for,lol I tried hard to think of more but I couldn’t so here’s my shortest list ever.


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