I find it funny how some time ago(a month) I posted what dramas I would being seeing at the start of April and how my Japanese journey was over. But so far I’ve done none of that, I haven’t finished creating destiny(which I’m two episode now away from finishing), I haven’t started none of the dramas I said I would, in fact I started watching dramas that hadn’t even crossed my mind that I would see. As you obviously know I’m about to finish rich man poor woman, which I’m hesitant to do cause I don’t want it to end,lol and i also started to download and rewatch Faith. Even though I hated with a passion the first episode of A Hundred Year’s Inheritance I’m already on episode four,lol I stopped watching You’re the best Lee Soon Shin but I haven’t dropped it yet since my full attention is only on RMPW right now. I’m gonna start for sure In Time With You because I’ve read good things about it so let’s see how that one goes. I really wanna watch Ji Hyo’s new drama because she’s in it so I’m trying to wait till it’s halfway in. So basically expect to see my thoughts on random dramas,lol


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