In Time With You ep 1 Thoughts

I’m currently about to watch In time with you which features one of my favorite t-actresses Ariel Lin and the hottie who she worked with before on Love Sick*im 99.9% sure it’s the same guy*. So the following with me my thoughts on the first episode though if I like it enough it could be my thoughts on the first 3-4 episodes,lol

p.s i could have sworn this drama had just came out last yr,lol

– 2/3 into the drama and I’m not feeling it…is something wrong with me?

– I wanna see the hottie already!,lol

– Is it gonna be like I do, I do in the sense it’s gonna be about shoes? Cause if it is…then let’s say…when I see shoes stores I sorta just keep walking straight without a glance,lol

– Who email’s someone a happy birthday?

– How nice to tell someone on their 30th bday ” Welcome to the world of early aging”,jaja

– omg i almost thought i had symptom #5,lol “Lying down on the couch to watch prime time dramas” until he added “but fall asleep within 30 minutes.” whew! barely got saved, still have 6 more yrs to go,lol

– Ok whose idea was it the since your 30, 40 is just right around the corner?

– I guess this drama is trying to pull at my ego or something I’m still young! 30 is far away and so is 40! XD

– I just love their friendship, ugh where can I find a handsome and good-looking guy to make him my bff and then later on in life fall in love with,lol

– I’m loving so far the story of how they met and became friends, their rivalry seems oddly familiar,lol

Well I haven’t fallen hardcore in love with this drama…yet and I say yet because I think it has potential to get me hooked as soon as the intro of their lives is done,lol


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