Who I would like to see on running man pt 2

Like almost a yr ago I made my wish list of guests I would like to see on Running Man and so far part of that list has come true for example Moon Geun Young and Hwang Jun Min came out and though I didn’t add them to the list commenting with someone I added Park Shin Hye and Lee Seung Gi. So either I’m good at predicting possible guests of they were just guests who were obviously at some point were gonna guest on the show. So once again Ima make that list and add people to that wish list

1)Lee Jin Wook
2) Hwang Bo
3) Cha Seung Won
4) Hwang Jun Min: ep 132
5) Song Il Gook
6) Kim Sung Soo
7) Song Chang Ui
8) Park Hae Jin
9) Min from Miss A
10) Moon Geun Young: ep 114/115

11) Daniel Henney: I pray to the variety gods for this to happen and for him to be in the same team with ji hyo and jong kook,lol

12) JYJ: im ok with at least one of them, especially if it’s jaejoong. Because my shipper heart wants to see a certain commander’s reaction to the close relationship of him and a certain ace,lol

13) Ko Hyun Jung, cause she’s just plain awesome,lol

14) Lee Yo-won: from QSD, 49 days & Horse Doctor

15) Lee Min Ho: in the same episode as daniel henney please!

16) Byul: I would love to see her in RM just to see how the cast will react with her around.

17) Hyun Bin: cause I wanna see ji hyo fangirling,lol

18) Jung Rye Won: Cause she looks like another laid back actress whose not gonna try to look pretty and just play the games for what they are, games.

Well those are the ones I currently would like to see come out this yr, so running man pd’s you have about 7 more months,lol


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