Grab a bucket!

Quick grab a bucket! why? Well your gonna need it for all the drool you’re about to drool…omg i must be crazy but I did enjoy writing this post. But here’s my opinion on who has great bodies in kland, so ladies enjoy!

*not in any order it would be too hard to decide, plus i love numbering things i’m a list maker,lol*

1) Chansung of 2PM

chansung  chansung 2pm

It’s really upsetting to me how he is a few yrs younger than me it’s like it’s not fair! Even then if he was my age my chances are -100%,lol

2) Choi Siwon

Choi Siwon abs 1 choi siwon abs 2

This man is gorgeous just look at that body! those arms! oh boy,lol anyways! he’s gorgeous and someone didn’t hold back when they made him.

3) Daniel Henney*remember to breathe!!*

Henney Daniel-Henney-5

I’m not much of a girly girl and I don’t really giggle much except for a few times and this man is what happens during those few times*apart from my ahjussi crush*. When this man smiles I turn into a 13yr old girl with giggles and squeals included, how can a man be this hot and gorgeous idk =)

4) Kwong Sang Woo

kwon sang woo

I demand more shirtless pictures of kwon sang woo! enough said,lol

5) Kim Ji Hoon

Kim Ji Hoon Kim-Ji-Hoon

It may not be kwon sang woo’s body but this man is not that far behind, just a little more work on his arms and that will be enough for me,lol

6) Taeyang

taeyang taeyang (1)

I’m not a VIP but I do admit that this guy’s body is gorgeous! A little bit on the too skinny side but it’s still fine,lol

Well I this are some of the people in kland that I think have gorgeous/good looking bodies. I may do a second part so i may have to go and do some more research *ugh,lol*. Or maybe this time for the guys, so if I have any guy fans out there look forward to it the only downside is that they will have shirts on,lol


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