Rich Man Poor Woman ep 7-9 Thoughts

“I refused the pharmaceutical, mr asahina. All of them, I will go wherever you go”*…something like that* omgs I just squealed when hearing this! ❤ 

– I knew I didn’t like that guy!! he just has that face that says Ima back stab you in the worst possible way. Why? because your taking away the woman I love/like.

– She should listen to him more, yes it’s romantic in some way where someone gives up everything for you but you have to be realistic. You shouldn’t make decisions based on emotion you don’t live on romance and emotions, you need a steady job that will keep a roof over you head and your stomach full of food. She could still be by his side emotionally and physically but does she necessarily need to quit the first job she was offered in a long time?

– Just like the 3 workers that almost left with him though they had loyalty towards him they knew a dream wasn’t going to feed them. Even though it was killing me seeing him suffer and watch that jerk steal his idea acting like the nice guy those guys were thinking of their future.

– I’m shipping these two leads so hardcore that I’m not sure whats gonna be of me when this drama ends =0

– I love the ost of this drama, it’s the first time i put attention to the ost of a jdrama.

– 2 minutes into ep 9 and I’m basically kinda screaming into the laptop “kiss her you fool!!!!”,lol why do they torture me!?!?

-ugh ima say it once more and maybe a couple dozens times until I’m done with this drama. I hate asahina he just knows how to manipulate people with a simple sentence. Why did she return that money she worked hard for it and it was part of the contract and the sister so freaking nosy too.

– The moment he(asahina) asked her to stay she should have left, I think he’s given enough reason to distrust him and that every move he makes is coldly calculated. He knew his sister was gonna be a tattletale and tell toru that they were together and like always he was gonna misunderstand the situation. He wanted toru to believe that she was gonna leave him as well and played on his weakness of his fear/anxiety or whatever you wanna call it of being abandoned by those he trusts.

– But i’m glad in a way natsui left to show him that not all people will abandon you during hardships, though i did wished she had kept the other job so one of em could earn money. Cause who’s gonna pay the rent and the bills for those things he bought??

– Plus she got him a job, and i felt like crying when he was crying.

– All I can say about the new program he created “in your face asahina! in your face” I would say you can’t see like john cena but maybe that would be too much?

 ok maybe not that much, minus the fake hit at the end,lol

– Damn, just one smile and I forgave him already,lol

– I’m sorry mr finance guy but he didn’t become that, he was always that he knew the potential toru had and all he did was squeeze as much as he could from him until he was done with him.

– I trust you= I love you!! oh yes delusional mode on with full speed ahead…”If you break a wall you need to take responsibility” add more coal to the engines please! i don’t plan to stop any time soon XD

– Finally the sister did something good!! and did i just hear*read* something about a kiss in the next episode??!!!!

This drama has really gotten the inner fangirl out in me, I giggle, I squeal, fight with my laptop I love this drama so much right now it’s gonna be real hard when it end and thats about 2 more episodes or 4 counting the two special ones.


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