Bones Season 8 Final Review/Rant

OMG do these writers want me to go on a killing rampage or something?!!!! I’m so freaking upset and yes this is obviously gonna be one heck of an upset rant on the finale of Bones. I’m mad I truly am I’ve been following this show since season 1 and have never missed an episode! but this is how they treat my little heart?! By finally giving us the proposal we’ve been waiting 8 yrs for, 8 freaking years for!!! so they could pull this kind of BS?! Just when Bones finally opened up to the idea of marriage and spending her life with booth, they let pelant do this? OMG!! ugh!

It’s obvious sweets is gonna leave in season 9 as well ““Sweets is affected by the finale in a way that none of the other characters are; in a very immediate way,” Nathan previewed. “It does cause him to reevaluate his life and his position with everybody. So we’re going to be dealing with that in the second episode.””
Pelant used his thesis or papers or whatever*too mad to think straight* to get at them so obviously this is gonna affect him, he’s gonna know it’s pelant’s doing that booth rejected bones proposal. So he’s gonna rethink his job at the FBI or his career choice and he’s gonna decide to leave the FBI or something. Which in other words means he will be leaving Bones by episode 2 according to the interview.

All I know is that I’m upset, pelant is still freaking alive, booth rejected bones marriage proposal, and i feel the ending of sweet’s character is near and in the freaking end they’re still not gonna bring Zack back. I’m glad to know on the other hand that most of the viewers are as upset as I am.

BONES 1   Bones 2


Bones you have really let me down this is worst than Fashion King except for the fact that you still have another season to go. What’s worst that even though in my anger I claim I’m not gonna watch next season I know I am. But I can’t bear(?) the thought of how booth’s and bone’s relationship is gonna be like now it’s just plain torture. Well this is my rant, i know it’s a kdrama blog but I had to take my anger out somewhere I couldn’t continue to spam my fb pg and twitter,lol


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