5 kdrama love triangles you love or hate

It isn’t a kdrama or any drama if there’s no love triangle or two or three,lol So here are my top 5 favorite love triangles either because I loved them too much or I hate it too much,lol  I know technically it’s a love triangle because there’s three people involved but isn’t it usually more like a disconnected love diamond? Like the one in my drawing?,lol

love diamond


“Contains spoilers for the following dramas The Greatest Love, Witch Yoo Hee, Reply 1997, 9 end 2 outs,& Fashion King”

1) The Greatest Love, Dok Ko Jin- Goo Ae Jung- Yoon Pil Joo

I just loved this love triangle and I think it was the first time I had a super hard time deciding between both male leads. I usually get the second male lead syndrome where I adore the second male lead about 25% more than the first male lead. But with this drama it was basically a tie with maybe a few points of difference, I’m getting all mathematical,lol

2) Reply 1997 Sung Shi-Won, Yoon Yoon-jae, & Yoon Tae-woong

reply 1997

I hated this love triangle! I really did and if you read my final review on it you could tell I wasn’t a happy camper. I super duper wanted her to end with the second lead and so much that in my opinion all the hints they gave obviously pointed towards the older brother. I never saw the two leads in a romantic way it was always like siblings fighting for me, he was obviously family zoned but I guess not,lol

3) Witch Yoo Hee (too many people to name,lol)

This is the most interesting love pentagon ever!,lol I would feel one heck of a lucky girl if three gorgeous hot looking men were in love with me. Would it be a pentagon?,lol Though I hated parts of the pentagon *hint hint the first two on the left* it was pretty interesting to watch and easy to follow along. In the end she made the right choice*in a way* the youngest of the 3,jajaja *damn now i feel like watching this drama again*


4)  9 end 2 outs, Byun Hyung Tae, Hong Nan Hee & Lee Joon Mo


ugh not a single pic of lee sang woo in this drama! it’s like he wasn’t even there but he was!! He was the ex bf that she let go but in reality never loved because she was in love with her male bff. I loved the main lead I really did but deep inside I kept switching sides because just look at him! Even after she broke his tiny little heart he still loved her and it upset me that he didn’t really try to make more of a move. It would have made the story line way more interesting especially since the leads ex returned*like always* at one point but alas it wasn’t meant to happen.


5) Fashion King; Kang Young Gul,Lee Ga Young, Jung Jae Hyuk & Choi Anna

Omg who ever wrote fashion king deserved to die in the end instead and I would have happily pulled that trigger. This has got to be the worst love triangle/diamond ever! They were like children who wanted the toy the other one had, finally got the girl but decided hey I think I like the other chick more, actually noo! It was that one chick in the middle Ga Young who kept going between the two male leads. She was with one and then decided she had enough and wanted the other one instead and you get to see that for about 15 episodes of the whole freaking drama*damn now it’s more of a rant,lol*. Anyways…apart from being one of the worst kdramas I’ve ever seen and wasted my time on it had the worst love triangle/diamond ever.


So these are some of the love shapes*lol* that i either liked or hated with a passion, there is not middle ground,lol


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