Rich Man Poor Woman ep 1-6 Thoughts

Boy oh boy I haven’t fallen for a drama this hard since a while, 6 episodes in 2 days(4 on the first day) and still watching as i’m typing,lol

FYI: My thoughts are gonna be mixed,lol

– He’s so rude but gosh when that man(obviously oguri shun) smiles I forget and forgive so fast I even forget why I even get mad,lol

– I didn’t like his partner from the start and as each episode progresses I dislike him even more and more.

– One thing though when she was job hunting she was always wearing a black suit all the time as well as others and I think I’ve seen the same in kdramas. Is it actually like that in real life? and why? why black?

– I don’t like the partners sister either, she those kinds of girls that act sweet and understanding but deep inside they are most wicked beings you could come across. Ok maybe she’s not that evil but I don’t think she’s as nice and innocent as she tries to come across. All I can say is…

– I’m really loving the chemistry between the two leads it’s just ugh! in a good way,lol*it’s possible I’m sure!*

–  Watching this drama makes me feel so refreshed it brings back memories of back when I barely started watching kdramas, I just couldn’t stop watching and had to know what was gonna happen next and what’s best  it’s that it’s all fully subbed and done. So i don’t have to go through the torture of waiting for subs and could continue to marathon it until I’m done! XD

– Obviously I think he kinda likes her and maybe since I’m used to kdramas I’m waiting for a hint of jealousy from him when he sees her with his partner but no nothing. Now that I think about it jdramas don’t really have those jealousy scenes,lol

– Even when the partner told him he was rejected by natsui he only slightly pauses and laughs, no hint of interest or anything.

– So far all the characters are like-able enough there’s no one I hate passionately enough to want to push them into an oncoming train or something. Though sometimes just maybe I wanna trip em.

– I love Oguri Shun’s hair in this drama nothing like what he had on Juui Dolittle XD

– I’m really disliking how the female lead assumes that just because she saw them kiss that there is something  going on between the chef and toru.

– She really needs to step up her game or else I think the chef may really stand a chance. Why is she so slow and always a step behind! ugh!!!

– Why toru why?!! That’s his name right?,lol I’m so bad with names,lol


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