Movie Review of the Week # 28

This weeks movie review is…

The Evil Twin

Plot: An accident claims the life of Hyo-jin and puts her twin sister, So-yeon into a coma.  She then awakens 10 years later but many deaths follow after her recovery, and she seemingly takes on her sister’s personality traits.



Sorry for the bad plot but couldn’t find any good ones and I suck at making them,lol I guess after watching many Korean “horror” movies I still haven’t learned my lesson. Which is that Korea has yet to properly learn how to make a horror film though I guess this was movie is 5 yrs old…Anyways the story was interesting maybe if it was not a horror movie or more like mystery it would have done better. Because at first I thought it was like Dear Friend where the souls got switched or something so it was interesting to find out what happened in the end. But the thing that brought down this movie so much for me was the horror aspect especially this part…

It wasn’t scary or suspenseful at all in fact it had me laughing so much I forgot this was supposed to be a half horror movie. Why? well as you can see in the pic there is a beam just slightly above her head and she(the ghost) continued walking and I could have sworn she was gonna hit it with her head. Just as I was imagining her hitting it she sorta folded back to avoid it and maybe it was supposed to be freaky the way she bended backwards. But I couldn’t help burst out laughing in which my brother and his friend just looked at me with a what the heck kinda look. Laughing at a horror movie is never a good sign though this movie had a good story line it had the usual “scary” moments all Korean horror movies have. The plot wasn’t enough to save it and the acting was a bit lacking in my opinion, Park Shin Hye could have done way more with her character but instead she was very dull and boring. Overall this wouldn’t really be a movie I would recommend it in my rating on netflix I wanted to give it zero stars the moment i finished it so instead I gave it one. But now that I think about it, it wasn’t that bad so my rating for this movie is a 2/5.

Here’s the trailer and you can find it on netflix or YT(but with viet subs)


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