Movie Review of the week # 27

Movie review of the week is here and today’s movie is…

Punch Lady

Plot: Ha-Eun’s (Do Ji Won) husband Joo-Chang (Park Sang Wook) is a mixed martial arts champion who does not hesitate to practice guillotine chokes or low kicks outside the ring. Ha-Eun decides she cannot take it any longer and, in a spur of passion, publicly challenges Joo-Chang to a duel in the ring.

As a woman parts of this movie were very hard to take and felt anger because I can’t tolerate violence against women or children. Though this has a very dark and violent plot it did have it’s light funny moments which made me forget what this movie was about. Though the idea of a woman training to fight in a professional ring against her pro-fighter husband is a bit unrealistic I love the message it gave of confronting your fears, stop becoming the victim and fight to get out and come out victorious. Of course this is the message I got from it I guess each person can receive a different message from it if any at all. This was a great movie though at times it made me angry but it also made me laugh. Especially my ahjussi crush Son Hyun Joo he was so cute and adorable i couldn’t stop giggling and worrying over him. You must think i’m crazy that he’s my crush but after seeing in what’s up fox i thought he was cute and funny and after sons of sol pharmacy house he officially became one of my biases and crush. Anyways…he did an amazing job in this movie and at times I felt sorry for him and wanted to protect him another one who did a great job in this movie surprisingly was Sulli. This was before her f(x) days so she debuted as an actress first though i’m not sure if it was her first movie but she did good. Overall this was a great movie and one I would really recommend though I do warn there are parts that are very hard to take*at least for me* and if I had to give it a rating it would be a 5/5.

Here’s the trailer and you can see it on Netflix or you can find it on Youtube,

this is the official trailer, but it portrays it’s as a comedy which it’s not!! though it does have it’s light moments but it’s a very serious topic.

and this is i guess a fan made trailer that portrays the movie as it is


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