You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin ep 1-3 Quick Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve done some quick thoughts and now that I started watching kdramas let’s start again with You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin. My thoughts are in no particular order because I’m doing this while watching ep 3 soo…you know,lol


– This has to be the most predictable drama so far, unless they plan to bust the ultimate plot twist but…I doubt it. I can see what’s gonna happen even before the episode has started ok that may be an exaggeration but it is pretty predictable.

– First of all that old actress is gonna be Soon Shin’s mom, who want’s to bet $5! Maybe I should start a betting pool but then again I’m like idk how many episodes behind so I’m at a disadvantage,lol Soon Shin’s dad is gonna be the one who was in love with the actress but she only saw him as a friend but she got pregnant and in order to become an actress gave away the baby to him. Wait this is sounding strangely familiar to another drama or movie or a novela..i’ll have to think about it.

– Secondly the owner of the restaurant is the third piece for this love triangle cause yes there will be a love triangle.

– Thirdly and lastly the other chick is gonna be the fourth piece of the reverse love triangle. So there will be a double love triangle or a diamond,lol Let me explain Male lead + Second Male lead + Soon Shin = 1st love triangle, Male Lead + Soon Shin + Second Female Lead = 2nd love triangle. See?,lol

– During the 1st or 2nd episode I felt so sad for her because how could no one remember her birthday?! Apart  from that she gets bullied by her older sister and ignored and humiliated by the grandma. I thank my luck that I don’t have an older sister/s.

– Is it me or is the male leads character a little too similar with the male leads character of Cheongdamdong Alice? He tries to look cool but nothing comes out the way he wants it the only difference is that this one(so far) hasn’t gone overboard with his imaginations. His relationship with his secretary is about the same too…

BSS 3-1

Over-sized jacket? check . getting the second male leads attention? check.

To finish off my quick thoughts I gotta say I really dislike the older sister(the 2nd one) I really do. I can tell already this is not gonna be a drama I’ma go crazy over if I miss an episode or i’ma watch 2-3 episodes in a row. I find myself skipping parts too so you can tell how much i like the drama from that. It’s an ok drama so far maybe it’s just suffering*in my opinion* from a minor bump and will get better later on as in the case of Dream High. I was gonna start watching when a man loves*almost added a woman to the title,lol* but it’s only 4 episodes in so that’s gonna be a while the same for nine:nine times travel(?) soo…i’ma see if Jang ok jung(?) has started,lol


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