Ouran High School Host Club Final Review

I had seen/read things about this drama before but I had never actually bothered to look it up since it’s been a while since I last saw a jdrama. But when starting my journey into jdramas again I came across it again and though why not since I wasn’t sure what to watch next and I’m glad I decided to give this a try. It was a drama full of dorkiness and comedy with a dash of romance here and there. No drama, no long-lost siblings, no if he’s not mine then he’s not yours either kinda of stuff. It sometimes even made me feel kinda perverted,jaja Each character had his own story and though at moments it became serious it was only to get a point or message across and we learn how and why each of them became part of the host club. This was a great drama for me you just sit, relax and watch and laugh your…butt off,lol in my opinion it’s a good kind of therapy just like running man. Where you feel refreshed and in a happy mood after you’re done watching an episode or two,lol The only bad thing is that it’s only 11 episodes long and no season 2 or something but there is a movie so maybe I’ll be watching it in the near future. Overall it was a great drama and one I would recommend for those that wanna give jdrama a chance.

p.s i just knew they were real twins!,lol


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