Juui Dolittle Final Review

Yes it’s finally here!! the final review you have been waiting for!*or maybe not*

JD 1

It was this drama that made me miss the type of romance you would see in a kdrama, especially because there was no romance at all!! Ok maybe some hints but subtle hints that you have to be looking with a microscope to find them. The lead male(oguri shun) is a vet who is a cold and sort of a jerk type of guy who claimed to his customers that he charged high prices because he was running a business. At first to those who don’t know him would believe he was only a vet for the money but throughout the drama we see a different side to him. The female lead(Inoue Mao) starts working for him when she is not able to pay for the surgery done on her horse, so he tells her to pay him back with her body. The second male lead(Narimiya Hiroki) is a talented vet who is charismatic and well-known with a secret from his past. I loved this drama especially because I love animals*own a cat, a dog and two goldfish,lol* and this drama showed different lessons about the care we should have with our pets. Though there were parts that had me going “seriously?” at the same time made me reflect that I guess if my hamster were dying I’ll do everything possible*at least I would like to think so*. The little “hints” between the two main leads was good but I think it wasn’t supposed to have  romance at all but I was desperately wanting one,lol In the end I almost found myself crying when in the last two episodes of the drama the topic of euthanasia came up. Overall this drama is something I think animal lovers will love and relate to*at least I did* though this wasn’t a romance/comedy drama I was very happy with it. I recommend this drama to animal lovers or fans of oguri shun though I wasn’t a fan of his hairstyle in the drama,lol

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One response to “Juui Dolittle Final Review

  1. The last scene made me laugh :))
    I was hoping there would finally be romance in the last episode, but it’s okay
    Anyway, if it’s a romance drama I think the pairing would be similar to Rich Man Poor Woman (only with less attractive haired Oguri lol)

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