I Miss You Final Review

Finished seeing this drama yesterday and my feelings are bit…mixed? I’m not saying it’s bad or good,lol well at least not yet.


Well I finally finished this drama yesterday*claps* though it was a torture to watch at some point in the start*cause of certain scenes of child abuse* it was a very good drama. Han Jang Woo went from a careless and free boy to a mature man who despite the occurrences of what happened in his youth it didn’t let him become a bitter or cold guy. Lee Su Yeon/Zoe went from a shy and bright girl(despite her life), to a semi bright-traumatized woman in an abusive relationship* unknowingly to her* to a woman who was able to confront entirely her past. Jun/Harry went from being in a bad family with a lot of problems to a very disturbed man who couldn’t let go of his past. I think I can safely say that my favorite characters in this drama was Jang Woo and his partner I just thought they were soo cute together and would say there were the bright and funny parts of this dark drama. Overall I think was good drama full of darkness and sadness with its funny and cute moments once in a while to remind you that not everything is that bad in this world. I think the biggest lesson of this drama is that you decide what to make of your traumatic events. Either you understand and accept what happened and learn to move on slowly*though obviously painfully* or let that event take over your life and stop you from moving on and enjoying your life. Anyways this was a good drama but if you’re more into cute romantic/comedy type of dramas then I don’t really think this would be your thing.


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