Drama updates

So here’s what I’ve been doing lately, I Finished seeing I miss You yesterday and wrote my final review on it if you guys are curious,lol I also did my final review on Juui Dolittle. Since the great seer ended I kinda started seeing That Winter, The Wind Blows but I gotta say I am not really impressed. The only reason I kinda see it it’s because it starts before I Miss You though now that ended. Since I miss you ended I think either 7th Grade Civil Servant is gonna begin or 100th year Inheritance. Either way I don’t wanna watch either one though civil servant has chansung in it so who knows. I also stopped watching the romantic/comedy japanese cop drama since it was pretty repetitive. He keeps falling in love with the wrong women who turn out to be criminals and at the end he gives them the decision either marry him or go to jail. In which surprisingly they decide jail because they don’t think they could live with the guilt of having someone like him loving them* i don’t think anyone can believe that*.I also started watching a new Japanese drama today called… Ouran High School Host Club. Gotta say it’s very funny and has all the ingredients for a wacky and full of comedy drama. The same guy from Hana Kimi*that can see ghost* and Himitsu no Hanazono*not sure of his character here* is the main lead here. Which made me realize how crazy I must be when I kept saying “omg oppa!”,lol

Starting April I’m going to start waching kdramas again*well more like I’ll start watching more of em*, I’ll finish watching Cheondamdong Alice*maybe*, Flower Boy Next Door and Creating Destiny and I won’t be finishing Nice Guy so sorry Song Jong Ki. The dramas I will start watching in April as soon as they begin or catch up will be Heaven’s Order with Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook, Nine: 9 time travels(?), Jeon Woo Chi*yes a little late I know but I love sageuks,lol* If I have time I wanna watch Gu Family Book obviously because of Lee Seung Gi not for Suzy(in which I think they should have gotten a more experienced actress for her part). I’m kinda curious of King’s Dream since it’s the same story(history) as Queen Seon Duk but from the perspective of Chun Chu and Yushin but still not sure. But the one I really wanna try to see is Lee Soon Shin is the Best and no not because of IU but there’s a certain male lead who made me cry with his death in King 2 Hearts and maybe just maybe I’ll try to fit it Jang Ok Jung,lol So maybe*not promising* I’ll be watching about 10 dramas since the only one I’ll be watching on tv is gonna be horse doctor which I think is 2/3 done. They are giving Queen of Ambition mon/tues on sbs but nah I prefer horse doctor and then on wed/thurs they were giving TWTWB/I Miss You but I think my schedule for those nights will be free now,lol Anyways those are my drama updates are there any dramas that you think I should watch?


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