Yesung to leave for the army?

*sniff sniff* Oppa if you marry me I’ll help you get american citizenship and you wont have to leave*sniff sniff*

My dear elf’s it seem’s another one of our suju oppa’s is leaving us, I went from happy*2pm’s comeback soon* to sad when finding out about this. The kpop world is a cruel cruel world for a fan’s heart especially when it comes to our oppa’s. Just a few months after our leader has left yesung announces his intentions of enlisting sometime this yr. Thankfully there is not certain date yet but my dear elf’s it’s time to get our heart and minds ready for his enlistment. But who is gonna sing for my favorite dramas? I just love his voice and especially when hearing it during awesome scenes in my drama of the moment. It seems this yr is just a total torture on the 5th of march yoo seung ho enlisted and then se7en enlisted on the 19th. They wanna kill us right whats next after this comeback 2pm will enlist all together?! ok maybe i’m going a bit overboard,lol but seriously why  oppa why? don’t leave like I said if you marry me I’ll help you get american citizenship,lol Anyways I hope it’s not any time soon maybe after heechul comes back? or by the end of this yr? please? So my dear fellow elf’s get that little heart of your’s prepared as another one of oppa’s gets ready to enlist.

I’ll leave you with one my favorite ost by yesung


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