From Beauty Pageants to Kdrama Actresses?

You wouldn’t think so or at least it wouldn’t really cross your mind but some of the actresses on today’s dramas were beauty pageants contestants for Miss Korea or other pageants before they became famous, can you guess who?   (cr: to drama wiki for all the info ^^)

1) Ko Hyun Jung

Miss korea 1

was really hard to find this pic (cre to Ko Hyun Jung’s forum pg on soompi)

can’t recognize her? here’s a current picture

Ko Hyun Jung 2

Recognize her now? I would have never have thought it but she was the first runner-up in the 1989 Miss Korea Pageant. In other words if the one chosen for miss korea had died then she would’ve of been it,lol and it started her acting career since three yrs later she won a Baeksang award for best new actress for her drama Love on a Jujube Tree and after that she got nominated several times until she won a Daesang for her role in Queen Seon Duk as Mishil and well I’m sure you guys know her very well.

2) Lee Bo Young

Lee Bo Young

I couldn’t find a picture of her but in 2000 she won Miss Dae Jun(Daejeon) for Miss Korea just 3 yrs after she debuted as a supermodel. 3 yrs later she came out in her first drama Escape from Unemployment then 2 yrs later she won the new actress award in SBS and KBS for her roles in Ballad of Suh Dong and My Sweetheart  My darling.

3) Park Si Yeon


I had to look a lot to make sure it was really her but it keeps coming up and the reason why maybe you can’t really tell just by the picture its cause according to articles here and there she had plastic surgery, but here’s a pic of her now.


She won the pageant for Miss Seoul to then become the 2nd runner-up in the Miss Korean pageant in 2000. 4 yrs later she made her acting debut(I’m guessing) in a Chinese Drama and another in 2005 in 2006 she won the newcomer award with her role in My girl. She then came out in several dramas after that with a few cameos here in there until where she is now.

4) Kim Sa Rang

Kim Sa Rang kimsarang

You may recognize her as Oscar’s ex gf in Secret Garden but she also came out in a movie called Who Slept with Her*where I first saw her*. But Kim Sa Rang was crowned Miss Korea in 2000(I’m guessing she beat park si yeon,lol) and represented Korea in Miss Universe 2001 where she won the Best National Costume award by wearing a hanbok. She then came out in several dramas and movies, she came out in MV’s and MC’d some programs as well.

Of course there’s many more miss Korea turned actresses but ima list em now instead or I won’t finish this post till tomorrow,lol

5) Oh Hyun-Kyung Miss Korea 1989 known for her roles in Gloria, Miss Ajhumma, and High Kick Throught the Roof.
6) Son Tae Young Miss International Korea 2000 1st runner-up and won Miss Photogenic. Married to Kwong Sang Woo and came out in I am Sam, Il Ji Mae: The Phantom Thief and Sad Movie.
7) Lee Honey 3rd Runner Up as Miss Korea in the 2007 Miss Universe and came out in To The Beautiful You, Indomitable Daughter-in-laws and a few other dramas and movies.
8) Yeom Jeong-ah was the first runner-up and won the Miss Photogenic award at the 1991 Miss Korea Pageant. She was also the 2nd runner-up for Miss International 1992 and won Miss Photogenic. She was on Iljimae, Royal family and My Lover,Madam Butterfly she has been in several dramas and movies and came out in Lessang’s MV I’m not laughing.


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    • I don’t really know who she is but I did read the articles of them not dating and then the yea the’yre dating. But apparently she’s just not just beauty but also like a music prodigy.

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