Asuko March Final Review


I really wanted to do an episode by episode review of this drama but on the day I started this drama I watched 3 episodes in a row late into the night so I got lazy. After that I sorta just didn’t feel like doing it anymore so in the end I decided to just do a final review. My opinion of this drama is sorta neutral I wasn’t very much in love with the characters especially the female lead but I just kept coming back to it, I’m kinda blaming some of the male characters for this,lol. Though I do get it that there are kids out in the world that start from very young taking care of their families but I don’t find it very¬†believable on how some things were solved. But it is a drama so in a way I do have to accept it, but quick question to the fans of jdrama is the female lead new into the drama world? Because if she is then I gotta say you can kinda see it because the girl didn’t have many facial expressions. But if she isn’t new then she is an idol right cause I’m sorry to say but her acting wasn’t that very good. Overall I loved the messages on family, work, school and love this drama had even though some of the solutions to them weren’t realistic but it’s messages were good. In the end this wouldn’t be a drama that I would say it’s a must watch but if you have nothing to watch while your current drama is getting subbed this may be it.


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