Himitsu no Hanozono final review


I started off this post in parts but decided to do a final review instead cause at this point i just remember parts here and there but don’t know which part belongs to which episode,lol Anyways in the episodes after we learn secrets from the brothers such as *spoiler* that hinata is not their real brother, that the brother’s dad stole paintings from hinata’s dad*who was also a painter* and the reason why wataru didn’t want to fully express himself. Until hinata let’s them know that he knows they are not his real brothers and tells them to please move on with their lives and to live their own lives and not have to give up things,which basically was a hint hint to wataru about his relationship with the editor. Seeing this drama was like going into a whole new world I kept forgetting I was watching a jdrama and kept thinking in terms of kdramas laws. Though it didn’t follow kdrama laws I wasn’t disappointed¬†or left confused or wanting more in about 5-6 episodes less than the avg kdrama this drama wrapped up everything nicely*in my opinion* of course it left me wanting for more in the sense of “I want more episodes! please!!” but overall it was nice and short. Just wished jdramas would pick it up a notch on the romance but I guess the amount given in this drama was ok cause then it would of interfered with the story line. Anyways to be the first pick on my journey to jdrama I gotta say it was an awesome choice there was no ex gf drama or super dramatic love triangle. It was a sweet,romantic family oriented drama and I would totally recommend it to those wanting to give jdramas a chance.


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