Spartace shippers fighting!!

My fellow shippers I know some of you have been feeling down with the recent lack of spartace moments or for what may or may not happen in next weeks episode, though it doesn’t really bother me that it’s happening like you my fellow shippers i wish it was with jong kook instead but oh well. So here’s my way of trying to cheer you guys up with my favorite videos, gifs and pics of our couple.

(credits to owners of the videos,gifs and pics)


ji hyo calls jong koon by mistake                

jong kook calls ji hyo cute                          

cute fanmade video                                

Jihyo tell jong kook she loves him in family outing XD            

Spartace shopping, which really makes me wanna watch another episode like when they were the chase team                                         

one of my favorite fanmade videos, just wished it was longer,lol                                    



now for my favorite GIF’s,lol




some fanmade pics(credit to the owners and spartace couple fanpg on fb)


I could fill out this pg with videos,gifs and pics but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen almost all of them, so hope this cheer you guys up maybe jk punches gary and that’s why you hear gary protesting. Ok I’m just kidding but maybe he stepped in and interrupted them? Either way spartace shippers fighting!! ❤


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