Quick Update


Did you guys miss me? did you guys even notice I was gone?,lol well now I feel a bit sad…anyways here’s some updates to what I have been up to;


– Can you believe I still haven’t finished watching the jackie chan episode? It is funny but it didn’t quite reach my level of expectaion,lol Either way I love how jackie even called jae suk hyung and then oppa I guess he got confused when the others would call Jae Suk hyung and then all of sudden ji hyo would call him oppa.

– I miss you is getting very interesting! I just realized that zoe is basically in an abusive relationship I was soo focused on the rest of the drama that I didn’t really put much attention to her and harry’s relationship. Now that I have noticed it’s like wow,lol

– Haven’t finished reviewing Himitsu no Hanazono even though I finished watching it but I promise to do it sometime soon.

– I also started and finished watching Juu Doolittle and Asuko March so expect either final reviews for both of them or reviews in parts of the drama.

– I just started watching another Japanese drama called Unubore Keiji but so far it hasn’t really gotten my full interest.

– I’m also super but super excited for Ji hyo’s new drama with Lee Dong Wook! I’m really looking forward to the love line and really really hoping for some good romantic scenes.  In jumong,crime squad, gye baek and even goong she didn’t really get good romantic scenes or proper love lines so I’m really praying to the kdrama gods that this time it will happen and with that drama I’ll end my japanese journey,lol

– To those who have watched hana kimi and are familiar with Japanese dramas and know who Oguri Shun is I found out like two days ago that he is actually married!!! I was super shocked at first and then I went on research mode, these kind of things are not good for my fangirl heart,lol but his wife is the girl in the wheelchair on mei-chan no shitsuji( i think, haven’t really confirmed it).

– Still haven’t finished watching the last episode of the kangyoon couple(julien kang and Yoon Se Ah) I really hate watching the last episodes of couples. I watched like two weeks ago the last episode of the brave couple(Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun) who ended a yr ago and I still cried,lol

Well that’s what I have been doing lately and I’m sorta stuck on my Japanese quest since I don’t know what to watch next, so if you guys had any recommendations please do tell. Not sure when I’ll post again but if you guys wanna reach me I do update my fb pg somewhat regularly so until then annyeonghigyeseyo!


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