Himitsu no Hanazono ep 6 review

So in ep 6 we catch a glimpse of how they became hanazawa yuriko when the editor of the other company ask’s them to do an autograph session because it was requested*more like demanded* from the companies president’s wife. himitsu 6-1Obviously they have to refuse because everyone thinks hanazawa is a woman. Hanata becomes upset that they can’t help him since he has always been there for them so why can’t they this time do something for him? They each go to their rooms and remember of how they met and what tanaka-san(?) did for them. And how they went from poor unsuccessful manga writers to the writers they have now become. Wataru(the oldest) remembers when they first started and how they kept getting shot down because their comic was boring. Omasu)the 2nd one) remembers of when they met in a street stall and he told them that it wasn’t a true dream if they gave up so easily. A dream was something you worked hard for no matter what in order to accomplish it. The third brother remembers of how hard his older brothers worked to start the comic and how he would work to bring income into the house. The youngest one remembers the time when he wrote his first work and tanaka told him it would be an honor for him if he continued doing comics. In the end all the brothers come to the conclusion that they must help tanaka-san in order to repay all the work he has done for them which got them to where they are today. So they decide that something must be done and in the end choose her to be Hanazawa, of course after telling her they didn’t have much of a choice. Which she refuses to do at first since after all this is something for the other company. But wataru tells her that if she does it then they will do the new comic her boss is asking for so in the end she agrees. himitsu 6-3So they start training her to become the image of what they considered hanazawa to be, so they train her how to walk, how to talk and teach her what hanazawa likes and dislikes. So she practices her new persona everywhere leaving those around her confused as to why the sudden change. She has troubles remembering everything and they frown on her because of it until the lady in the kimono at their usual hang out tells them that why does she have to memorize everything. Since everyone has their secrets she could choose to reveal what she wants and not reveal what she doesn’t want to. Which leaves the other usual guest crying and she becomes awkward. That leaves me thinking there is something going on between that costumer and the woman in the kimono because it seems that even though she is giving advice to someone it’s like she’s secretly telling him something and he ends up crying or something or both of them acting weird and lost. So I’m really curious as to what’s the story behind them, i even thought she was married and with a kid so if it’s that the case then I’m guessing he was like her first love or something. So they go to the festival where the fan signing is gonna take place and realize the reason she*hanazawa* was invited was because her name rhymed with the name of the actual festival or something like that and not because they were fans of her. Once there they treat her like royalty and push the “assistants” aside. himitsu 6-4 Which had me laughing like crazy because they even ordered them to go get coffee for her. In the beginning she was confused and lost but soon became too comfortable in her role of hanazawa that it seems she forgot they were there. Right before the fan signing event a small girl requests for her autograph and shaker her hand while the girl tells her that she’s her fan and one day wished to become just like her. While leaving the girl fathers tells her to not wash her hand so hanazawa’s luck will stay with her. This leaves her thinking of how she’s deceiving all this people by telling them she’s someone she’s not and tells the brothers she can’t do it and why. The third brother becomes angry and tells her that it’s too late that she has to do it. Wataru comes to her defense claiming  she’s right that they can’t do this to the fans to which the third brother responds what about tanaka and why is he defending her. To which wataru says he’s not but it’s not good to lie to the fans and they start arguing and fighting while the editor gets taken into the stage. Once there she hesitates what to say but reveals she’s not the real hanazawa and apologizes to which she receives boo’s from the crowd. Lost and confused the brothers don’t know what step to take so wataru goes onto the stage and asks for forgiveness. He tells them they will all receive an autograph and a surprise gift from the author and to further apologize he bows entirely which leaves the whole gym quiet. In the end her old boss realizes the four brothers are Hanazawa and that it wasn’t a man after all, she goes to tanaka for clarification but he just walks away without saying nothing. I think this episode had its good moments though it is funny at times it also leaves moments where the characters can grow. In this episode the 3rd brother notices there something between the oldest and the editors so I’m guessing this is the end of my imaginary(?) love triangle? Overall this was a good episode and it seems the relationship of our couple is becoming a bit stronger.


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