Himitsu no hanazono ep 4&5

I’m very bad with names so really sorry, sumimasen!!!(?) and i would like to know what you think of my “new style”.

Episode 4 is already starting good I love how nervous the oldest brother gets when the 2nd oldest talks about embracing,lol I guess the guilty conscience is getting to the third brother too since he thinks it’s his fault she is not showing up and wants things delivered. Of course it’s not entirely his fault since she had that “embrace” with the oldest.  But isn’t she going a bit too far by sending some ups guy*hana kimi guy ^^* to go pick up the work for her isn’t it like part of her job? Ok the second brother is now my favorite character, go oppa make this situation/love triangle more awkward and awesome!,lol

himitsu 4-1  himitsu 4-2

So since she feels awkward around the brothers she hires the ups/delivery guy to get the work from them and in the end she is “punished” by the other editor about having to do that kind of things personally since it is something valuable. So he “punishes”  her by making her put all the brothers receipts together*i’m guessing tax season is right around the corner, same here,lol* and quickly leaves. As the brothers are going out or taking a break they see her and the second brother takes this opportunity to yank his older brothers chain but doesn’t realize that in the process of doing so he’s also pulling his younger brothers. Making this a very awkward scene between her and the brothers but awesome and hilarious for me and the second oldest.  I still can’t believe the other editor and her ex boss used to be together and he’s the one that got away…it’s very hard to imagine but maybe he’s a charming man? So the oldest and youngest have a discussion as to why he did what he did to her and he becomes upset saying he’s doesn’t have any good memories. I’m guessing he said that because he was really young when their parents died and in the end a confrontation between the older brothers happens and she happens to over hear them. In the end the food she was preparing for the brothers as a reward is ruined since it burns while she’s overhearing their conversation. So they decided to go eat out because somehow it’s impossible to cook in the now ruined kitchen and hinata*the youngest i hope* invites her to go along.

himitsu 4-3  himitsu 4-4  cute ^^

Afterwards she starts working on the pile of receipts again and asks the eldest about a receipt she’s not sure of and they have their cute interaction where they go from being super close to all awkward and not sure where to look. The third of the brothers comes home still drunk the next morning and gives her a receipt for a big amount of money which she realizes he spend it on things for a women. Which turns into an argument of why does he spend all that money if he’s not the one making it. He takes it as a sign of her being upset over what happened and she quotes him saying why would she be mad since after all she’s not a kid. He asks her if she was mad that he didn’t kiss her and leans over as if to do it which makes her more angry in the end he tells her not to butt in into his family’s business and leaves to his room. The next day the brothers are going on vacation and the third brother says he’s not going, that why should they go together since they are not kids anymore. And since they are the ones that actually do the work they deserve it more but they don’t understand and become upset and in the end they go without him but not as excited as before. She tries to talk to him and asks him if she had anything to do with him but he replies that the world doesn’t revolve around her and to mind her own business. Of course once again he comes across as a jerk and I hadn’t really realized he didn’t actually work on the comic himself. But on episode 5 we get to see why he’s really upset, but of course this is what I got from it. The next morning the brothers call her in the middle of a meeting and threaten her(the second one) that they will burn their work if she doesn’t show up. In the end we see they only need her to do the cleaning which is done by the third(catching where this is going?), and they tell her the 3rd brother left for a business trip to new york. It’s later when they are lost about their deadlines that the youngest says the 3rd brother left without filling in the deadlines on the board and the second brother goes into panic. Because he doesn’t know what to work on next he yells out why did the third brother have to leave home. So by now it’s obvious that even though he didn’t actually work on the comic it seems he was the one who did all the chores in the house and did their schedules. So of course he felt upset when she told him why spent the money he didn’t earn since he didn’t work hard for it, he worked hard on his own. Without him it’s clear the brothers(except hinata) are kinda lost on what to do since he’s not there to tell them what to do so you kinda see what this episode is about.

himitsu 5-1  himitsu 5-2

In the end the 3rd brother decides not to come back until his brothers realize the reason why he’s gone and it’s understandable. To the brothers going on vacation means leaving all together and spend that time together but for the 3rd one it means being alone and away from them being able to relax and not have to worry about what’s next. Because they don’t understand that and don’t realize that they  don’t know that they are able to work comfortably is because the 3rd brother creates that environment for them to work quietly, diligently and by themselves. Feeling guilty she goes to the oldest and explains what she said to the 3rd brother and ask what should she do and he responds that it’s a family matter and that she shouldn’t involve herself and leaves with the excuse of going to buy ink. In the hotel the 3 brothers meets and the 2nd oldest demands the third to apologize to them for leaving and creating trouble for them. The other editor tries to explain that the other 3rd brother simply wants some space and the second one being all dramatic ask how much space does he actually need. To which the 3rd one replies that he’s simply tired of taking care of them and doing all the chores that they could do themselves but leave it for him to do. Even after explaining how he feels the brothers(2nd & hinata) still don’t seem to understand why and feels confused and i guess you can say betrayed. In the end they decided to have a welcome home party even though the 3rd brother didn’t come back, in the market they meet her old boss who manages to invite herself to their party. Once drunk she tells them hanazawa is an evil woman, which surprises them and she goes on to tell them she stole her fiancée which confuses them more. In her drunk rant she reveals their other editor was her fiancée but broke with her because of hanazawa. I love her character which is obviously here for comedic effect she hates a woman that doesn’t exist, but what’s worst is that she’s telling everyone about it,lol

himitsu 5-3   himitsu 5-4

Of course this news shocks her and the 3 brothers because they had no idea he(the other editor) was even dating someone or had, and even have* like me* picturing them as a couple. The third brothers is eating alone at the usual hangout and the girl*the 2nd one likes* tell him she’s jealous of their relationship because they have someone to fight/talk to and she doesn’t which leaves him thinking*im guessing*. By the end of the episode it seems the oldest brother understands what the 3rd one is thinking/feeling and explains to her as to why he’s not going after his brother, the second one overhears the conversation and seems to understand now why his younger brother is acting the way he does. But the story about him liking princesses is kinda funny and cute and in the end he’s the reason why the comic exists in the first place. In the end the brothers are reunited once again but come into a problem where the other editor asks for an autograph session which is obviously impossible since everyone thinks hanazawa is a woman. I really enjoyed this episode shows how close the brothers are, even though they fight and bicker in the end they are still family and worked things out.


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