Himitsu no Hanazono ep 2 & 3

I’ve become really lazy lately even though I’ve been watching this drama i’m too lazy to write about it,lol but here it is. I think working for the 4 brothers takes a lot of patience, is a mega pushover or needs the money super badly. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like they are the evil characters in a kdrama doing the leads life impossible*though maybe in a way they do* but they sorta push her around as if she were their own personal toy. At least the second oldest brother who seems to have picked her as the target of his pranks I guess cause she looks so naive and easy to fool. But they are cute in their own way the older brothers is cute, quiet and just the type of guy that you go after because he seems like he would make a good husband or something like that at least in my opinion,lolhimitsu 2-1 The second older brother is…weird and funny and in a weird way kinda cute especially his crush on the girl from the restaurant/bar. The third brother i’m not sure what my opinion of him is yet though I’m kinda mad at his character right now. Then there’s the youngest of the brothers who is quiet and keeps to himself but at the same time cocky and thinks he knows everything. So in the second episode the second oldest gets  mad at her for wetting his work and goes on a strike. Not knowing that in fact the idea of the flowers was the editor from another publisher, but then again she should have know better, so he gives her a hard time about it and the fact that she doesn’t even seem to care about it. Though what happened wasn’t entirely her fault I’m guessing he was trying*without knowing* to get a point across to her, because in fact she didn’t even know or had bothered to know the name of the comic she was in charge of at the moment. Of course this incident helped her see that she should pay more attention to her job because even though it was not of her choosing it was something the four brothers were passionate about.

himitsu 2I also hadn’t realized one of the actors from hana kimi(2007) worked in this drama of course they showed his face more clearly in this episode. In fact of course this is just my opinion i think he looks way cuter with brown hair. So this is the episode where I get kinda mad at the third and fourth son. So on episode 3 her boss tell her to tell the brothers to edit their latest comic because it seems to lack romance? or realistic romance? So she goes to them and has a hard time explaining to them what she wants from them and when they finally manage to understand each other. The brothers become sorta insulted by the fact that it doesn’t seem good enough for her. So they tell her to give them ideas of course she starts saying different scenarios from famous movies such as titanic and winter sonata. But they say why would they copy from movies, so what about personal experience which immediately makes her go blank, so they sorta make fun of her for having no such experience so why bother trying to teach them. Or course in my opinion I think all together have about the same dating experience as her.  So she start reading/doing research to come up with ideas and she comes across her old boss who gives her the idea of why not go to watch a movie together with the author to get them in a “love mood”. So she starts to think of whom to take and meets the youngest who asks her is she has come up with anything and of course she hasn’t so she tells him about the first man she dated. In the end she goes to watch a movie with the third brother and then goes to dinner with him and finds herself connecting with him. At the end he tells her if she wants to go to his place and once there they go out to the deck?porch? of the house. Where she becomes cold and he tell her to put her had in the pocket of his jacket and he puts his hand in too and tells her to close her eyes. Himitsu 3-1Then just when he’s about to kiss her the youngest tells him it’s good that’s he’s seen enough and the 3rd brother tell him ok let’s get back to work. Which of course leaves her confused and the youngest goes to explain that it was the scenario he was working on for the comic but that it was boring. So she becomes hurt when she realizes that he used her experience to write the scene and that they even tested it with her. Of course the youngest goes on to explain to her that since she is the editor she is supposed to help them out with these kinds of things and leaves. So she’s about to run out when she finds the oldest of them standing in the living room and realizes he heard so she storms out. He then runs after her with the excuse that she forgot her jacket and she tells him that she felt they were making fun of her. That they used her memory of her first dating experience to toy around with her and he tells her that they meant no harm but she goes on to tell him that even if they didn’t mean it it still hurts. Which of course it did even I felt like crying, how can they not realize especially the older of the two that maybe she could take it another way. If a guy starts treating you nice and even holds your hand inside his pocket to keep it warm for me it’s not a sign of friendship. So of course her heart would be swayed by him they took no time to stop and think about her feelings. So because of this i’m mad at the both but I guess this is the start of the love triangle? because the youngest notices his older brother became affected by it. Because he keeps questioning him if it was the right thing to do and seems to be anxious(?). So he aks his older what would he have done if he hadn’t said anything and the older one replies that nothing and moves from one place to another so the younger one goes on to tell him a guys heart is interesting too. Which the older brothers makes a wth? face and the youngest tells him his magazine is upside down implying that all that time he was “reading” the magazine he was actually thinking about what happened. himitsu 3-2At the same time she is having the conversation with the oldest and he asks her for forgiveness for what his brothers have done. As he puts her sweater/jacket on her her back we see the 2nd brother has caught them*of course a huge misunderstanding is gonna come out from this* just as she is about to leave she takes a step back and trips on the sidewalk and of course as must in asian dramas he catches her.  Just before finishing we see the 3rd brother standing out on the porch thinking  and we see the 2nd oldest with an o.m.g kinda face. Overall this two episodes were ok but im really looking forward to the rest of the drama and if right about the love triangle or not cause I think we see some sparks between the oldest and her. I guess maybe most of the fans of the drama will ship her with the third brother cause they are the same age but I’m gonna officially start rooting for the oldest. I think they would make a cute couple and i’m gonna start praying to the japanese drama gods to give me at least one kiss*pretty please!?* If not then I’ll pray to the kdrama ones to help me convince the jdrama ones,lol Either way i think this is gonna be intense a love triangle between brothers who actually get along? omg,lol Either way im slowly warming up to this drama and I’ll try to finish it by next week it’s not like it’s a long drama or anything,lol I’m guessing this one didn’t sound like a review at all in fact im kinda suspicious and i think you will think that it’s some lame attempt of a recap but i swear it’s not. It’s just my problem that i either give too much info on nothing at all, the reason why I had switched to quick thoughts,lol so it’s a work in progress so bare(?bear?,lol) with me,lol


himitsu 3-3

an extra one for the road ^^


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