Running Man ep 133 review

133-1     133-2

   *and maybe call jong kook appa?,jajaja*

(credits for the gif to whoever made them on the isubs forums)

I loved this episode and my admiration for song ji hyo just seems to grow and grow,lol even thinking about making that jump scares the heck out of me and she did it without hesitating. Even the guests did the jump which i applaud as well i would only do it if I had suicidal thoughts or something,lol. Anyways the episode was really enjoyable i kept laughing every time they showed/said that kwangsoo was the new Asian prince i guess it’s move aside jang geun suk cause kwangsoo is in town,lol For this first part of the Asian tour it was really good the games were completely different especially the three-way tug of war, never knew you could do that and I really wanna try it,lol I think i would try the skywalk thing but the bungee jump and the climb thing no way im too much of a scardy cat. It felt weird not seeing jong jook and his leadership and scoldings,lol i would have really liked to see if he would do any of the things in the tower too. But he had other things to do so he couldn’t but I hope he didn’t hurt his leg/foot more in the tug of war and i wonder how he hurt it. Overall this was a good episode for me didn’t really find a dull moment and it had me laughing continuously I really hope the second part of the Asian tour is as good as this first episode.

“cause we’re easy”,lol

kS ap


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