Running Man breaking news!!

and no don’t worry it’s nothing bad no one is leaving or anything like that in fact it’s great news no it’s awesome news!!!


(credit to who the gifs belong to)


yes that’s right the great jackie chan is gonna be on running man!!!! ❤

i’m soo excited!!! it’s like…getting a chocolate bar the size of…a car!,lol ok maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration but it’s awesome news. I’ve read articles about how the pd wanted for jackie to be on running man and now he get’s his wish and I bet even the members were excited to meet him. Though there are no photos to prove he was filming along with siwon(suju) I really hope it’s true. I also read he studied for 2 weeks straight Korean in order to appear in running man because it seems like jackie chan is a fan of our yoo jae suk.  The sad part of this news is that it wont be for another 2-3 weeks? cause it’s supposedly for ep 136 and we are at ep 133 so till then we have to keep our excitement controlled,lol so who’s excited?!


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