Take care Kangyoon couple & more

Just read such a sad news right after my second favorite couple in wgm left my favorite couple is leaving as well and what’s worst it’s that there isn’t a reason as to why they are leaving. Not even that BS stuff of her being busy with her drama or something there’s no explanation whatsoever. Right now all I’m thinking* delusional/panic mode on of course* it’s maybe cause they started to date in real life?  Because i think that’s the reason why the gundam couple left(jun jin and lee si young) because they became real and the show was supposed to be about fake couples and them dating defeated the purpose of it. Either way they are ending and right after the 6 months…it’s like they are kinda going back to their start of just 6-9 months i think, but then why not give em a wedding photo shoot? I think they should go kinda like in the start where a wedding photo shoot didn’t mean the end of a couple but now it seems the trend is to either have a fake wedding or the photo shoot and you leave the show. For example the khuntoria couple a coulple of months or weeks after their fake wedding & photo shoot they left and the same for the Campus couple & teuksora. I just loved this couple she was the hopeless romantic and he was hunky sexy guy with no romance but still did it for her,lol well let’s see who comes next. I read in twitter*yes i know,lol* that the new couple is gonna be a real couple so maybe that girl from kara and that guy from beast???,lol sorry not really a fan of those groups so don’t know their names? I guess just let the speculating begin and another note this last 40 min of sunday is being a roller coaster ride went from being sad to happy with the news/rumor that Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook may appear in Sageuk together as the main leads!! omg that will be soo awesome and she would get to work with a fine specimen of a man,jaja Either way i can’t really find articles on it except a post by a person on another blogging website but let’s see how it goes. So what are your thoughts on shoulder-sii and & cherry leaving? or on the drama with song ji hyo and LDW?? will you be watching it? sounds interesting though she wont be a queen in this one,lol




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