Quick and random update

So I’ve decided to stop watching korean dramas and before you guys get heart attacks or something let me explain . I’ve stopped watching Cheongdamdon Alice and I’ve stopped watching Flower Boy Next Door, even though Cheongdamdong Alice is getting good*with him confessing he’s the president and stuff* but somehow I’ve become lazy watching it. So I’ve decided to stop watching Korean dramas, well at least not completely since I’m still watching I Miss You and I plan to finish that one no matter what,lol So the reason why i’m going to stop watching kdramas is that I’m going to start watching jdramas again, yay!!…or not?,lol I miss the weird crazy comedy and the torture of not getting a single kiss sometimes during the whole drama,lol So I’ve decided to go back to them, they call me out and are saying come back,lol ok maybe I’m sounding a bit crazy here but it’s true I see the list of dramas on dramacrazy and some of the plots for jdramas sound really good so I’m gonna be switching to jdrama land for now. So in the near future expect to see reviews for jdramas and maybe my final review for I miss You*when i finish it* and the King of Dramas. If I really get back into jdramas then maybe i’ll end up switching the theme of my blog from kdrama& more to asiandrama&more but im thinking it’s kinda hard to switch the url, actually how do i change the url?,lol or maybe I’ll open another blog for jdramas. Sorry im kinda thinking and writing,lol but for now expect jdrama reviews it’s not something permanent but something I will be doing until my itch to watch kdramas again shows up,lol


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