Himitsu no Hanazono ep 1 Review

Plot:A 28-year old female magazine editor who is tired of work and feels she doesn’t have a life is assigned to be in charge of a very popular cartoonist with a most lovely name, Yuriko Hanazono. But as she goes to Hanazono’s residence/office, she is met by four men who seem to be her assistants. Then it turns out those four men are brothers who form a team named Yuriko Hanazono by taking roles to create popular comics. In this heartwarming comedy the exhausted editor may find out the key to be happy while she is being driven crazy by this unique gang of brother


I wasn’t sure if to make a review or quick thoughts on the first ep of the start of my jdrama journey but I think ima start up with a review. So the first ep hasn’t left me with much of an impression but I think ima continue watching it to see how it ends. It starts with the female lead who works for a magazine once again working on her birthday and we end up discovering she has done that for the past 5 yrs we also sorta get the feeling that she’s kind of a pushover therefore the reason why once again she is working overnight on her bday. So she decides she’s had enough and plans to quit but in the middle of her “speech” to her boss she gets interrupted by her where she announces that the magazine has been shut down and that it would be good for them to start looking for news jobs. Her boss ends up helping  her get a job with a comic magazine where she’s put in charge of a famous cartoonist. But she runs into various problems on the first day when she meets the brothers for the first time. Of course at this time she still doesn’t know all 4 of them are the cartoonist so far it’s not as funny as I thought it would be and i haven’t seen anything that exactly hooks me but strangely I wanna keep seeing it. I found it sweet that after tormenting her when finding out it was her bday they decide to celebrate it with her. So i’m guessing this is what’s gonna bring me back to this drama. So far I find this drama ok and I will keep watching it, though no one so far is ok on the looks department,lol but that’s how it usually starts with Japanese dramas.



Himitsu no Hanazono 1-2


Himitsu no Hanazono 1


Himitsu no Hanazono 1-3


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