Running Man ep 131 Review


I love running man I really do even though i haven’t really reviewed it regularly as I did in the past so I’ve decided to start reviewing it again at least the episodes I find to be really good or boring. Sadly the case for this episode I found it to be boring it’s not like it didn’t have it moments such as when kwang soo actually slapped  Choo Sung Hoon butt? or thigh?. But I think they focused too much on the “big” fight between Choo Sung Hoon and Kim Jong Kook and both their fights took forever and they basically fought all the time. Yes I know he’s a MMA*?* fighter and she’s a boxer and I would understand the fighting  but still. I’m not sure what to think of Lee Si Young i think she’s an awesome actress and I give her props that apart from being an actress she has become a boxer. I loved that she was ambitious and used her innocent look to eliminate the other members and she had her moments too especially in the part where they were doing the quiz part. Overall I think this episode could have been better the guest weren’t boring but somehow the episode came across as boring to me I’m usually laughing like crazy when watching RM but in this one it was only now and then and I was left disappointed. It was supposed to be a Takji*?* king special yet only like the last 7-9 minutes were about it unlike in the last takji special where they competed for supplies for the takji. In this one like I said earlier it was mostly about fighting so I’m looking forward to the next few episodes since I think it’s gonna be their Asian tour to Macau,Vietnam and some other place and I also saw pics already of the next guest after that. And it worries me a bit how close they are filming the episodes after they went three days*?* of filming in different countries and then right after they seem to be filming the ep after that one. So I’m thinking is the Asian tour special just gonna be one episode? of 3 different ones cause if it’s just one episode then it would explain why they are filming another one right away. Well this is my review of ep 131 it had its moments but not enough to save the episode it my opinion, what did you think of ep 131?


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