My favorite kdrama almost couples

We all have our favorite lead couples but there are times when you just root for the second male leads and in the end of the drama you don’t feel quite satisfied with the ending because the female lead leaves aside the perfect man who is the second lead. So here are my favorite almost couples that thanks to the male lead it didn’t happen,lol or it wasn’t mean to be a couple from the start but somehow i ended up shipping them,lol


1)Yang Eun Bi and Choi Kang Hyuk from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop


Apart from being an adult*not 16/7 like the other guy* he’s gorgeous, funny,cute, has an awesome body, can cook and knows how to treat a girl good, apart from being a bit weird he has almost all the qualifications of the perfect man and yet… she chooses the boy over this hunk of a man. Yes the male lead was good-looking but as a character I would have chosen the pillar*his nickname in the drama* over the boy*cause he’s underage in the drama*. He understood the people around him and he was even willing to let go of the girl he liked just because the male lead was his*SPOILER ALERT* half-brother that’s why I was rooting 100% of the time for this guy but in the end she ended up with the male lead.


2) Dr Yoo and Ah Jeong from Best Love/The Greatest Love

BL 4

Best Pic I could find of them together =(

In this drama it was really difficult for me to choose who I loved more and who I hoped the female lead would end up with because both male leads were awesome in their own way. Dr yoo was geeky, cute,smart, handsome, had an awesome smile and like always would look after the female lead. But then there was Dok Ko Jin who was hilarious, cute, crazy, and in his own weird way romantic,jaja But in the end just like the females brother and dad I was team doctor and cheered a bit more*like 10% more?* for Dr Yoo he was more of a gentleman to her and well I just had the second male lead syndrome*is that even a term,lol*. But in the end we all know who she ended up with plus dr yoo is not left so lonely at the end.


3) Min Joo and officer Park from Crime Squad

crime squad

Though this drama was not a rom-com but more of a cop drama it had it’s cute/funny moments and all thanks to the main leads. Because of this I started to ship em and I really hoped the maybe at least by the end of the drama some sign of romance would be shown since in Jumong they didn’t get much of a time to act as a married couple but nope no romance. Even then I still cheered when he showed he worried about her but of course she saw him I guess more of a father figure than a man who totally breaks my heart even now to say*write* but even then I still hope there’s a second season to this since it was kinda like…Law & Order:SVU or something like that,lol


4) Alcheon and Deokman in Queen Seon Duk


You may think i’m crazy but I just shipped them wayy more than her and Bidam like everyone else did am I the only one who found it romantic in someway how he right away became like her personal bodyguard when she became a princess. She didn’t even choose yushin she ended trusting her life and her most personal problems with him even when she was starting to become ill, who knew? alcheon did!,lol So there, that’s why I shipped them,lol plus in the end when she died he would still visit her grave site and report to her everything that happened in Silla. And did you know that in real life when she died the nobles wanted him to become king but out of loyalty to her he followed her wishes and after her sister*who in this drama was her her nanny* died he made Chun Chu king. Yes i was so in love with this drama that i looked up a lot of info on the characters,lol


Was looking for the pics for my next choice when i got distracted by this…lol


and was also distracted bu this,lol *just thought it was funny XD*

ok back to what I was doing,lol…


5) Go Min Ah & Shin Woo from You’re Beautiful

you're beautiful

I really rooted for him he’s basically boyfriend material he’s the “nice guy” but she who does she go to? to the bad boy it’s true we girls sadly tend to go to the bad boy it’s only when we get hurt by them that we turn to the nice one. Of course in kdrama land the bad boys aren’t really bad boys but just actually nice boys trying to act tough to not get hurt. I still cheered for him that maybe just maybe he would have gotten the girl but who would have know that a few years later on another drama he would actually get her,lol


6) Jae Hee & Eun-gyul from To The Beautiful You


I know i’m not the only one who shipped them more than the actual main couple or am I? I just found these two just adorable together especially Eun Gyul who just made me regret that I’m older than him,lol He was adorable* i cant say it enough*, cute,lol, an athlete, loyal, respectful, an awesome friend another guy that is perfect bf material. But no she went for the serious brooding one, that treated her harshly in the start though he*minho* was cute and adorable in his own way I still choose Eun Gyul, if only i was a few yrs younger…lol.


Well that’s all I can think of now I know there’s a lot of them cause I know for sure but…right now my mind is like blank all of sudden I can’t remember what dramas i cheered for the second male lead more,lol


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