Be still my poor broken heart

I just know many of my fellow noona fans are crying rivers and oceans along with me especially after finding out the news that my Jinwoon from 2AM is gonna be on WGM and with no other than Go Jun Hee who by the way is 6 yrs older than him. So it’s a noona/dongsaeng relationship and I don’t see it as bad since my favorite couple “the Lettuce couple” with Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were 6 yrs apart but I just can’t see him in WGM but it’s something that I don’t have the power to stop unless i was the CEO of MBC or something….maybe I should take over?,lol But let’s see what happens now since he now finally gets his chance and leaves no room to wonder who was gonna be next in fact I was all ready to post who were my choices for the next couple when this happened….anyways i still plan to share my choices with you,lol *insert evil laugh*


*edited to a way shorter version =/*

1) Kim Sun Ah &  Kim Dong-wan

KSA  Dongwan

I don’t know if she’s married or not,lol but I would have loved to see her in WGM and I think Dongwan would be a perfect match for her don’t you think?,lol


2) Lee Seung Gi and Yuri*Girls Generation*

LSG  yuri 2

You are probably wondering how in the world I got this idea,lol but physically they seem to match very well,lol


3) Yuri*girls generation* and Lee kwang Soo

yuri 2   

lee-yuri gif

Ever since both of them paired up in Running Man I actually started to ship em,lol of course I ship him too with Shin Se Kyung but I prefer this couple too. Though he may not be as handsome as LSG I think he has his charms and even though he may seem weak in RM i think in real life he would be able to protect his girl plus he said he wanted to find someone special this yr so why not in wgm?


So i took pity and im not making you read my other choices but well these are a taste of who I had hoped for so who were your choices??

P.S it took me a while to figure out she was the younger sister in what’s up fox that the fashion ceo had like a crush on cause she looked like his dead wife.


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