9 end 2 Outs ep 5-10

Sorry I didn’t post the next for episodes sooner but had a family emergency so i couldn’t watch anything but here they are

– In the beginning of ep 5 I”m kinda forgetting i’m watching a drama and instead i’m watching some kind of horror ghost movie,lol

– Next time I would prefer a shower scene where he’s standing up please,lol

– Aww even when he was in the army he liked her, all those yrs he chose friendship over love! how cute and sad at the same time.

– Both guys are good looking though I would have a heck of a time deciding between the both of them,lol

– it’s funny how he zips her up in his track suit so he wont “feel” anything.

– I really hate it when other people butt in into other people’s friendship especially with the one of the leads. Yes we know deep inside they love each other but as friends they are super comfortable with each other and things like “you are so close” or other comments aren’t gonna do any good to the friendship. I wish I had that kind of friendship with someone where I could totally be myself and not have to worry about how I look or how I sound or anything. Those kind of comments in the end get in the way of the friendship and apart from that if both of them are in a relationship with someone else then it hurts those relationships as well just like it’s happening in the drama right now no thanks to yoona’s character.

– I just love how hyung-tae’s gf throws salt around the doorway when yoona’s character*sorry I’m bad at remembering her name* leaves and everyone else is like fighting and says ” I hate her”,jaja

– I really wanna find the rest of this ost but I can only find byul’s fly again which is funny cause when i first watched this drama I was looking like crazy for byul’s fly again and couldn’t find it,lol

– Friendship over love… it has to be one heck of a friendship to give up love for, i’m jealous,lol

– The perfect way to liberate yourself by taking a nude photo shoot. I get why it’s liberating but…idk I wouldn’t undress myself and let someone take pics of me.

– Well im in ep 10 now,lol planned to stop on 8 but im already at the part where they are trying to move from friendship into more and I just love how cute it is the simple act of holding hands. Though it may not be much at the same time it is especially for them.

– I remember when I used to have chickens until my mom decided they were fat enough and killed them and made them into chicken soup, I swear I didn’t eat that day and I made sure that the chicken she cooked was the chicken she had killed,lol

– How can a man live that way? just wasting himself away,it seems like such a sad life.

– It’s funny how he thinks it’s the chickens that cooked for him.


– I wanna go here! who wants to take me? Imagine having a wedding here,lol

Ok ima stop halfway ep 10 I already watched almost 5 episodes completely! So here are just some screen caps of my favorite moments not favorite but cute/weird/funny moments.


anyone else agree that this scene should have been done standing up?



I want a hug too 😉



Even if he was a friend of 30yrs I would never wear this in front of him.





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