A Hundred Year’s Inheritance ep 1 Quick Thoughts

Just started watching A Hundred Year’s Inheritance and already from the start it’s omg


– Just from the start I already hate the mother in law actually most of the mother in-laws in kdramas just get on my nerves.

– OMG seriously!! is 2013 having a kdrama bitch competition,sorry for the word but…ugh!!!, this year has barely started and so many evil villains already ><

– …she’s married to a wife beater I really wanna know they back story as to why she is married to a jerk like him.

– I really wanna see this drama for Lee Jung Jin but omg with this kind of freakish mother-in-law is making it so hard for me and I’ve only seen less than 20 minutes of the first episode.

– 3000 bows!!! even thinking of trying to do one seems hard,lol

– I love that lady*from I miss You,A thousand kisses,The Marriage Plot* she can either be mean or nice both roles fit her.

– I agree with one of the commenters but she’s not just a bruta pero una rebruta,lol*spanish,jaja*



Ok I can’t even finish ep 1 of A Hundred Year’s Inheritance I can take sadness from a drama but too much bitchyness(?), a mother obviously in love with her son, a wife beater – daughter in law beater team that’s too much to put into the first 30 minutes of a drama. I tried i really did but maybe watching it at the same time as Raising Hope and New Girl isn’t such a good idea but it was too much for me. But at least I got to see a bit of Lee Jung Jin and how dare the commenters say he’s old and not cute! God that man is gorgeous!! it’s just the haircut that doesn’t fit him,lol


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