Reliving what started it all ep 1-4

Today I found an amazing and awesome discovery on YT!! did you guys know there is a channel where you could see old/classic drama from MBC  called MBC Classic and so I started to rewatch the very first drama I ever saw. 9 end 2 Outs or Bottom of the 9th Inning though it’s different from dramas nowadays I still love it! Makes me amazed on how drama have developed over the yrs and the quality as well and here are my quick thoughts as I’m watching it. Sorry its quick thoughts but imagine a whole pg as full as of as an essay now we don’t want that right? or do you? im open for feedback,lol


– I want a hot guy best friend!! and that’s not gay and single and one that secretly loves me but doesn’t know it yet,lol

– I want to live with such said hot guy best friend.

– I love how even though they have been friends for “30 yrs” it’s until living with her he starts discovering different things about her. That’s  why you never really know anyone until you live with them and even then you don’t totally get to know them.

– Even for being bff’s I think she’s a bit too much she’s living in his house but if you didn’t know otherwise you would think it’s her house.

– What’s so important about not being married at 30? then again in 23 and i feel a little left behind cause everyone around me is either getting married or having kids so i guess it’s more of an effect at 30? Idk but i’ll let you guys know in 6 yrs and 6 1/2 months,lol if i still have this blog by then.

– It’s funny to me now how many signals there are that he like his bff,lol

– It’s also funny how they are still trying to act or be young, for example she dresses more juvenile to looker younger and he stays for who knows how long in a sauna just to prove he still got’s it,lol

– I think people of the opposite sex can be friends or best friends it’s just that sometimes there are people who are just lucky enough to find out that their bff is the one they’ve been searching for.

– In ep 4 when they are trying hard to desperately hide his stuff and then trying to hide him I don’t really get why,lol They could just say he came over for lunch or to hang out since it’s obvious both their parents know they are bff’s so it wouldn’t be weird. But I guess cause they are such in a panic state that they don’t stop and think about it,lol

– ooh yoona came into the picture and just like 5 1/2 yrs ago I still find her character annoying and I still want to break that annoying fluffy pink pen.

– Her female best friend actress Jo Eun Ji looks a lot like the actress from reply 1997 Shin So Yool or it is just me?

– Favorite lines of ep 4 “Don’t you get aroused by muscular me?,*nods*your uterus is giving a sign. My biological call is ticking. Find me a healthy fresh DNA.” So girls if you get aroused my a man’s muscle it’s a sign you want a baby XD

– Tae Sung,from rooftop prince, sorry i still don’t know his name,lol or is it Lee Tae Sung?? anyways he looks very young here,lol

– aww by halfway of ep 4 we start seeing “signs” that he likes her or at least he starts feeling an attractiveness towards her.

– OMG!! “Don’t do anything with him! I don’t want you to kiss him or do anything with him! Don’t go out with him! I can’t stand you being with him!” and KISS!!! OMG*yes i’m writing and watching at the same time,lol* in ep 4!! So soon!? really?! awww it was just a dream!!!! damn it,lol

OK i need to go calm down,jaja I feel like I’m watching this drama for the first time and it’s like the 3rd time I am I guess you can never forget your first drama just like a first love. Then again maybe in way it is cause it introduces you into a whole beautiful new world and like in a relationship it has it’s up’s and downs but we still stay for the ride. Then you break up and say it’s not the same anymore but it doesn’t take long and your back into it,lol ooh that’s like another post in itself,jaja So this are my quick thoughts on the first 4 episodes of 9 end 2 outs.


I forgot to make more screen caps >< but i promise for the next 4 episodes i will have more,lol



Just had to go back and screen cap the kiss even if it was just a dream,lol







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