King of Dramas ep 13 random quick thoughts

Just a random quick thoughts on ep 13 of  king of dramas

– Wait so in the end Anthony and the writer are gonna have a love line? I was kinda shipping her with siwon, you know kinda like in…oh my lady!,lol

– I don’t find it that bad if there is a love line with Anthony when i first started watching I thought that was gonna happen.

– omg he’s really trying to kiss her butt to get her to sign the contract but I’m kinda thinking there’s more to it right?

– jaja seeing him driving a truck is hilarious

– who leaves their cellphone in the car? and don’t tell me siwon and min-ah are gonna end up together.

– so cute hugging a can? or something of soup,lol

king 1

– their faces when he’s asking her to hug in order to keep warm but they should stop with the grunting,jaja

-omg aren’t they all cold?? you can see their breaths! I give props to Korean actors for working in those conditions actually to all actors it must take real passion for acting in order to be able to endure working like that.

– soo cute talking about sweet potatoes,lol and they way he hugs her!

– way for siwons character to make something so serious into a hilarious situation and not even i noticed the “lipstick” and I said “lipstick” cause I didn’t see any,lol unless it was white,lol

– ohh someone is smiling! and someone else is noticing that smile.

– wow Anthony has really grown a lot as a character! in the first episode he left that motorcycle guy die in order to get to the studio on time and now he actually walks into the fire to save someone? wow just wow,lol

I’ve decided ima start watching this show right after watching Bones of course cause no drama in this world can take me away from Bones,lol



random thoughts on Horse Doctor

– so much drama over a horse?

– Wait the lawyer’s assistant from Hooray for Love works in this drama? he looks more…tanned,lol


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